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am i any good?

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:) Hi emptylane. Welcome to songstuff!

I'm gonna go and have a listen to your stuff. I'll get back to you on whether you're any good or not! :) But even if I don't think you're good, somebody else will.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where you from, how old kinda stuff you're into, instuments you play, how long writing songs, that kinda thing!

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Hi! It's nice to hear from someone :)

I'm 15 and live in England, I think most people here are in USA.

I've been playing guitar for a year and a half, and the only reason I'm making songs on acoustic is cause I lost my lead at the last concert :S and haven't bothered to buy a new one tehe.

I've been song writing for a long time I think, it started with just simple poems, writing rough lyrics etc then once I got a guitar and was familiar enough with it, I really got into it.

You don't want me to start telling you what kind of music I'm into, you'd be here all day! I'm into everything from Aerosmith to Zutons, Santana to Black Sabbath.

Other than that, i guess i'm into rugby, athletics, drama, and the usual going out :)

I really want to make somehting of my singing and playing guitar. I think there aren't enough oriental talent being recognised abroad, not saying I'm talent but still, just a thought!

Hope to hear from people soon! Thanx a lot x

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ah, great :D i guess its mxtabs that is mostly USA. maybe purevolume.. i always get confused!

how many people are on this forum roughly btw? just wondering :)

are all the moderators etc musicians as well?

luk forward to hearing people's views on my songs!

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I'm from Torquay! Nigel (Mod) is in Bedford. John (the guvnor) is in Glasgow. We let the yanks in because George Bush said we hadto or he was gonna invade!

I've been playing guitar for over 30 years. I haven't played it much lately! Always something else to do! Consequently, my playing has deteriorated to a shamefull degree.

I have left some of my comments on your songs in Artiststuff. I hope it helps you. If you need any help with anything? Give a holler and somebody will answer!

Welcom once again.

p.s. in the control panel, you can set some things to show where you're from , avatar etc. again, if you need some help here? Just give us a shout.

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