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Dragon Cypher

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I've been working on this song for a bit and I have a beat for it but I have yet to make the first verse actually. Other than that it is complete. I'd like to know what you think of the structure and everything in general. It's not as much telling a story or anything as it is just a bunch of little references to more fantasy and video game type things in a vague manner. I was in a very certain mindset when I made it. It's not everything I do, but I thought it was neat.
Cast a death spell like a dark magician
No master dragon tamer in this edition
Like I give a f*ck about the whole situation
Purple flames blazin, and now I've just mutated
Bring you all down to your knees in the end
I don't have an issue, just a habit to offend
All the skills I got surpass level one hundred
Can I even make this rap shit? I'm wondering.
[Verse 2]
Look who's back, wait I've never seen you before
The bosses plight is revealed, it's my chance to score
Konami code, thirty lives, got anymore?
I might just lose my head, but I'll grow three more
Horrorcore, tore the door down, last resort
This unfamiliar world full of all my consorts
And I have no limit for wildin at the concerts
Heliotrope coming through, we are the monsters
Slow your roll down, speed my pace up
I warned you, but defeating me is tough
Got a whole team of goons to back me up
Baby deer, tree frog, and I'm tryna get f*cked up
[Verse 3]
Got all my equipment, and I'm ready to go
This motherf*ckers waitin for me, no, no, no
I am not a villain, not a killer inside
I've done some f*cked up shit, but this can't be right.
Make your way around the route.
Where's a chance to kick this bitch out.
Almost as ugly as me and Dan's last bout
Shout and fear my shadow, fighting the light.
Solve every puzzle with fight, the solution is right
I've lost all my health again, got no worry
Main objective is ahead of me, do not hurry
Every upgrade in the book, these mobs won't scare me
First single about some nerdy shit, f*cking sue me
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