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Lost Among The Crisis

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Wheres Christ among the crisis,

If this is all that life is,

Then why play with knives kids,

Why hide in the shadows,

Rather than follow where the light hits,

'Cause its the lights that'll guide

Into the best of lifes gifts.

Whilst you sit upon you throne,

On the floor I will sit,

I'll let the candle burn,

Yeah I'll leave the light lit.

Now it's not about being the smartest or the wisest,

It's about being able to learn,

And enjoy the ride it's,

Funny how we're brought up,

In fear of the dark parts,

Although they are the parts allowing us to grow up out the dark,

And I'm quite aware that times can get hard,

But the harder the ground gets,

The harder it is to tear apart,

And upon that hard ground we'll lay our bricks,

Set foundations in stone,

Then destroy and rebuild until the pieces fit,

You make your house out of stone,

I'll make mine outa sticks,

Coz I'm not scared of being broken,

I'm terrified of getting fixed.

And I'm not one of those that carves emotion into their wrists,

I like to use my words and speak them using my lips,

I'm a traditionalist,

I want you to read between the lines and not between the slits,

I'm not trying to claim I'm real,

Cause I'm far from a realist,

And I'm not trying to suggest that theres a quick fix

For these wicked tricks that our mind plays on the opptomist,

Or that can't read the message beneath the butterfly stitch.

So let's face the facts,

My minds not intact,

The closer you look,

The bigger the cracks,

I'm slowly realising that we're all like that,

Helplessly trapped on the mind map,

The a-z of where we think we should be and where we wanna be at,

But in reality half full or half empty life is kind of easy,

You are you and I am me and we are here where we're meant to be.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that life it just happens,

It don't care about your dreams,

Or the plans that your stashing,

That's the beauty of it all,

You gotta keep the memories stackings,

Theres only one guarentee,

Only one life that we're trapped in.

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