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Hi Everyone

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So as far as introductory posts go, this will be pretty generic. I've recently just started writing some lyrics, because until now I've never really had anything to write about but I guess writing things down has become kind of a way of expressing myself, as it very much should. I started to like some stuff I've done, and really want some feedback on it, but y'know, sharing it with people you know can have catastrophically awkward consequences. So I'm here, ready to help and be helped. 


Let's make some awesome stuff guys.


- Jordan

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Hi Jordan, Welcome to Songstuff! Good to have you aboard.


The best way to get started is to make some friends on the boards. Reach out to a mix of members. While it is great to get to know long term members, getting to know other recent members is also very useful. For a start they are new here, don't know anyone, and are looking to connect too.  Welcome them to the site, find out a bit about them. A little conversation goes a long way!


Visit member profiles, leave comments. While we are on that topic, remember to fill out your own member profile via account settings (from the drop down menu in the top right corner when you click on the down arrow next to your user name). For ease here is a quick link:




There you will find your signature and your "About Me" page. You can edit your signature after you have made a few posts. I really recommend filling out your "About Me" page. You can add images, links, embed sound cloud songs using just the song link, embed YouTube videos using just the video link... it's a great place to tell members about you and your music.


Please support our critique boards by keeping them active by reading and commenting on submitted pieces.


Use the musician's lounge for general chat, and try to use the right board for new topics and stay on topic when replying to specific topics. That doesn't mean you cannot wander a bit, more that if the topic is singing lessons, don't make your reply all about buying motorcycles! Keep it related as much as possible. This really helps with finding information.


Have fun, improve your knowledge and skills, and make great music, and great connections. Any questions, please ask a member of staff. We're a friendly bunch.







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