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Better Late Than Never

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First and foremost, I'd like to start by saying, well, hi...It's such a pleasure to even be taking part in something like this, so thank you. 


I spent most of my youth exploring my creative nature without realizing what a vital role it played in my overall well-being. Unfortunately, like many do, I boxed up that part of me shortly thereafter to take a trip up the corporate ladder. Why? Well, because that's what you're supposed to do, right? I mean, the artistic stuff was fun for a while but what about stability? What about titles, stock options and 401K plans? 


At 23, supplanting myself in that environment seemed to be the grown up, "responsible" choice. Maybe even the only choice. So I jumped at the opportunity. I was on my way too, a rising star snagging every piece of Resumé eye candy I could get my mits on. 


I had a real career in the making. With only one problem. A big problem actually. You see, as time went on I grew increasingly miserable but couldn't figure out why. Next thing I know my 20's turned to 30's and although it looked like clear skies ahead I was getting rocked by a turbulent shitstorm, for lack of a better term. Somehowm, more lost than ever.


I was flying through self help books at the time, just grasping at straws, when one in particular really dug in. It asks you personal questions to help you identify with who you are at your core. Your answers should serve as a compass and help you understand more about where you're gifted and what you're passionate about. I remained as unbiased as possible and hoped, assumed, hell I almost even knew the answer would scream back "LEADER" or "BUSINESS BADASS" of some sort (I know, I'd want to punch me too but I'm being transparent here). But Instead of screaming affirmations, just a faint confusing whisper...


"That's really great and all, but what the hell does all this writing, art, and creative junk have to do with me being a successful leader?" I'd love to say it clicked right then but my head was too clouded. What it did, without my knowing at the time, was water a wasteland in dyer need of life. Seeds planted years ago were buried deep down, and they soaked up ever drop. A short time later, heavy rains came down in the form of, let's call it an involuntary departure from the fortune 500 company I devoted nearly a decade to. Struck me as odd that I felt so relieved. But to be honest I was jaded and still a bit misguided. Sadly I kept thinking about careers that might look and sound good to other people. A voice kept saying, "dude, you know"... But the cynic always yelled louder to drown it out. Then one day just for kicks I started working out a song idea I had in my head. All these ideas came pouring out!  Man that lit me up like a Vegas night & got me twice as high. And wouldn't you know I even completed the Damn thing. Nobody knew it existed, but I did. And I was more proud in that moment than I had been in way too long. That was a cornerstone moment, the first of many to come.


Since then I've had countless "chance" encounters with like minded individuals who I now consider brothers and sisters. Now here I am 2 years later, and while I'm more unsure than ever about what the future holds for me, I'm becoming all the more clear on who I am and why I'm here... One misstep at a time.


Believe it or not, this marathon rant started with me staring at a blank screen not knowing what to say...


If you made it this far, thank you for indulging me and congratulations. You're not only a writer, but apparently you are ONE HELL OF A READER as well.






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Hey hey, welcome to Songstuff! :) I think you will find plenty of new sisters and brothers here. Without new discoveries and learning life would have no sense of direction, no sense of progress. I for one love challenging my understanding. That no matter how deep rooted a belief, things can come along and turn it on it's head. Unsettling and wonderful all at the same time.

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