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Wide Awake

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Since my other rap cover was received moderately well, I thought I'd share my rap over the instrumental/hook from Wide Awake.


I thought the world was made of pain, I thought I had to make a name,

But in the face of everything my jaded brain created pain,

I sat in my bedroom, made-believe I conquered when I came,

But back then I was daydreaming, you know I’m not the same, (I’m wide awake)

I took my lines to Hollywood, I looked at what I thought was good,

Then painted my Picasso and like Pablo was misunderstood,

The critics don’t see what’s inside, inside my head, they never could,

I’m rising from the rubble, now I’m winning, knock on wood.




Even after I’ve explained it they still tell me that I had it made,

Never had to struggle growing up as a pastor’s kid in west LA,

Never mind that I was molested, cause I repressed it and you probably guessed that

They just take my best, leave me depressed, cause whitey can’t feel pain. (awake)

My feelings for the other side are out of my control,

I rage against the system but it swallows my desires whole

I can’t express my dying soul, I’ve been denied my final role,

I know that all the cards are stacked against me, better fold.



I wish I’d known the way it works, wish I’d never been hurt,

Wishes grow in kindergarten, crayon trip, bubbles burst,

Wish they’d told the teacher, worse comes to the worst,

Teach the kids to fight before the sleep becomes their life, I’m wide awake

There’s no more fantasy, no more great escape

We’re coming to the crux of it, this shit is make or break

I got a face that’s made for facts and fiction’s gonna have to wait

The shit’ll hit the fan, make a plan, take a stand, before it’s all too late (I’m wide awake)

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