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f*ck it i’ll go acapella i dont need a beat

i dont need a beat like Nikki don’t need Meek

cause he’s weak so she left his ass

we listen to his raps as i tap that ass


dont get me started on Br-angelina

getting divorced because i was between her

legs up high as he came through the door 

as she screams my name like twice before


had a dream i played xbox with pac

screamed out thug life playin COD we shot

to the top of the table 50 kills no deaths

running round killing them and taking their vests

he was listening to my raps i was listening to his 

writing down his thoughts man giving me his tips

we had a fat blunt man before he had to go

had to go to heaven,heaven with the ghetto


saw my boy slim i said yo how is stan

he looked so angry i nearly turned and ran


he said

stop saying that shit im done with the nonsense

bitch ima kill you,no guilty conscience

i’m a rap god the game would be nothing without me

when i’m gone no one will ever doubt me

dont need to use much energy minimal

stole the rap crown because im a criminal

stay in shape man dont lose yourself

end up fat like my boy bizarre from d12

go home write some shit make a salad

learn some shit listen to drug ballad

i’m on my game man i don’t miss a trick

knock you out in round 1 (POW) fight music


wretch says its survival of the fittest and hes mo farrah

its a 100m sprint and i’m Bolt no matter

ask alice,im scary just like a mad hatter

like when OJ made the white folk scatter

in todays world weather your a celeb or not

he would of been pulled over with no questions and shot

all lives matter is what we need to preach

get more nurses in to nurse and more teachers in to teach


copyright 2017



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