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The transformation (Cartoonist to musician)

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Hello SongStuff, my name is Kiyash B. and I want to tell you my story today. Let’s get started…

Playing with music which I never did before.

I never thought to make career in music nor I think till this moment. I am still a beginner started learning music two months ago from YouTube. All I thought to make my wife’s dream come true.

She’s a beautiful singer and I love to see her grow. We married last year (2016), and living happily. But, all off a sudden I lost my father, business and was under a lot of debts. Most of my family and friends quoted to me that she was unlucky for me. Even she started to blame herself during these drastic conditions. But, I never demoralized her nor I thought of her in that way.

I sat overnight with a pen and a diary what I can do at this situation? Something that’s not only for me but for her. I saw the best way to express my love and feelings towards her is the music. Since then I started to learn music apart from being a cartoonist. I followed YouTube tutorials to create melodies digitally. Then I moved on to write some lyrics (mostly in Bengali and Hindi). And recorded the songs over cheap headphone mic which I used for Skype meetings. We haven’t used any type of studio recording mics or any other hi-tech hardware’s.

At first I tried to show our songs to some producers but all of it was rejected. Still I never lose my hope to make her a star, I saw the best way is near me. It’s the internet! Yes! I’ve created a YouTube channel named VeenaDhara (one who holds veena, Goddess Saraswati).

What I am trying to do?

My wife Keertika is a great singer, but I am not. But, what I want to do for her is to make her voice reach every ears. She has a golden voice and I want to make her famous so that it can make those peoples quite whoever insulted my love.

My intention are strong enough that whatever it needs I will do for her. Apart from that I am doing freelance works to sustain my family. Now whatever happens I promised her to never get back. I planned to make more compositions by this month and show it to the world. And I hope one day I’ll be able to make her famous. If you like to support my mission and genuinely loved our compositions please like, share, comment and subscribe to our videos and channel.


Let me know your views?

Thanks for viewing such a long post! ^_^

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She has a great voice. 


The music is very nice (Is this all original music played by you?) It seems a bit too good for somebody who only started making music two months ago). I ask again, is the music all original and played by you??


The sound quality is terrible, you need better recordings and better overall sound quality... I can't imagine many people enjoying listening until the recording quality is improved. 


Your post here feels like a weird promotional thing. So much so that I felt it might be some kind of con, but I searched for you on YouTube (I didn't want to click your links here as it seemed a bit dodgy). What you need is advice on recording... so you should post in the song critique section, and you don't need the long written introduction. Just post one track and ask for feedback.

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