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Hey I'm Homer

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Hey everybody, my name is Homer and I'm a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Privately I call myself a composer cause I also play the bass and drums and for some years now I've been recording complete songs using Logic and writing all the parts. Been playing around with some orchestral stuff too.


So a little about me. I've been playing in bands for about 17 years. I started out playing punk and gradually mellowed out and started gravitating towards reggae and soul. My favorite band has always been the Beatles and I doubt that will ever change. John Lennon's songs speak to me like no others.


I grew up in DC and moved to Greece in '04, went to college and studied "musicology". It was only then that I realized I wanted do music and nothing else. So at 22 I moved to New York thinking I was READY. I was not. My skills were not well-honed and even to this day I struggle to show my 100% on demand. I worked odd jobs, played in a reggae band, busked, developed addictions like a total cliche and eventually decided to move to Italy to straighten out (I have relatives here).


Straightening out took a long time but on the upside I learned Italian and honed my musical skills busking and playing in bands. I just lost my dad so I had to move back to Greece while he was ill and now the bittersweet result is he left me with some means to start over where and how I want to.


I've been bouncing back and forth between Greece and Italy for a few months (I held onto a freelance interpreter gig. I translate for an eye-talian composer), have to go to the US to take care of some stuff and then I think I'm just gonna settle in Greece, and eventually move to Athens. It sounds ridiculous given the degradation and lack of opportunities for someone who writes and sings only in English, but at least there I can get a decent apartment for €300 and set up one room as a studio. I also know some people.


I have the computer, the guitars, a bass, and the minimum know-how to record my songs. I have dozens of songs. I've recorded lots of them but the quality is so mediocre due to never been settled and in a good enough mindset to dedicate myself. I'm about to turn 30, but honestly I don't think I could ever be happy unless I'm working on my music. It's the only way I feel free. Needless to say I'm a little restless about having to make big decisions without guarantees but I guess that's life.


I look forward to conversing with people here and sharing my music with you guys to get feedback, and to give it when the chance arises.


If anyone has the time I'd really appreciate it if they could check out my post in the music promotion section. I'm supposed to be doing a promotion job for my Italian employer and it's not so clear what sites are legit or not. I have checked out the two bulleted threads but I think they're a little dated.


Please forgive the long introduction, nice to meet you all! :)

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