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My musical gift that has yet to be recognized

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My dream is to be a composer and I would like to share some interesting things.  Yes, it is very long and has a Q&A Section to it.  But read what you're willing to read:


My Mental Musical Gift That Has Yet To Be Recognized

Even though I don't know anything about composing, I have created really good tunes in my head for now.  I have created a melody that, to me, conveys something awesome.  It was a melody created through channeling inspiration.  I've got down the right notes and rests to this melody I hear in my mind and I got the right tempo. 
The scene I envision this melody conveying would be a dark character such as Shadow the Hedgehog unleashing a magnitude of energy.  What you hear playing at the higher octave is to prepare the listener for what's about to happen next.  It would be a leading tune that I think people call the "bridge" in music.  Therefore, this part of the melody would convey Shadow preparing to unleash. 
Then you hear things playing at the lower octave and this is where Shadow unleashes his power.  This part is supposed to be the chorus which conveys awesome, dark, heavy, powerful emotion.  Now, this melody is supposed to be awesome, catchy, and dark.  It's not just the instruments I've chosen for this melody that convey a dark, awesome mood. 
It's the actual melody itself that conveys this to me.  If anyone tells me that this melody conveys nothing of the sort, that it's nothing catchy, that it's "ok," or that it's all musical gibberish or something lame/awful, then perhaps it's because more things are needed to make this melody coherent for the listener and to fully bring out its intended power.
You see, there's more to making music than just having the melody down and a beat.  There are so many other factors and, as long as those factors aren't met, then music might appear like gibberish or something unpleasant for the listener.  Only I know what this melody is supposed to be and only I know the awesome power it has since I'm the one who created it.  Other people might not know because I have yet to find a way to fully convey the melody for other listeners. 
Me knowing what this melody is supposed to be is a memory.  In other words, if I were to lose that memory somehow, I would perhaps see my melody as gibberish because I would no longer know what it's supposed to be.  This has, in fact, happened to me with other tunes I've made.  The memory just didn't stick there and, as a result, I lost the memory and perceived my created tunes as gibberish.  Fortunately, with this tune I've made, the memory is permanent. 
I have also managed to bring back some of the memories of my previous tunes which means I'm back to perceiving them as amazing, catchy tunes since I now know what they're supposed to be.  Anyway, I have this dark melody on a cd.  But here is the youtube link to this dark melody.  In addition, I will also give a link to the music sheet of this melody.  One last thing here.  I play the melody backwards because I also love the reversed melody.
With all of that being said, I am now going to share the links to my tunes.  These are simple, catchy, memorable tunes that are great and they all convey different scenes and atmospheres.  Some of these tunes convey powerful and profound emotion.  But said emotion might not be conveyed because these melodies might not be successfully conveyed in their current stage. 
Nonetheless, I am going to share them anyway.  I do have a beat to go along with these tunes which is a beat based off of the melody itself.  This beat consists of 8th notes and, hopefully, having this beat conveys my melodies.  If not, then I would have to learn more so that I can successfully convey them later on down the road.  So, here is the youtube link to my 1st melody which is that dark tune I was talking about:
Here is a youtube link to the same tune.  But the tune is slowed down because I also like the slow version:
Now, here is a link to a different tune.  This tune is supposed to convey something bizarre and mysterious such as being all alone in a far away distant time period or galaxy:
Here is a link to that same tune, but with a different choice of instruments that I like:
Here is that same tune.  But slowed down and added to a scene in Sonic the Hedgehog.  The slow version sounds sort of creepy/ominous which is the reason why I have added it to this scene:
Here is a link to a short, simple, catchy melody:
Here is a link to a bit of a weird tune I made:
Here is a Super Mario Galaxy 2 tune I made which would convey the scene of Mario obtaining the Grand Green Star.  In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario collects yellow stars and then he collects the big yellow stars known as the Grand Stars.  Later on in the game, you start to collect green stars. 
But there is no Grand Green Star in that game.  Therefore, I have come up with this theme which expresses Mario obtaining the Grand Green Star which would be a special, secret, hidden star.  I first have the melody in basic piano form so that the notes of this melody can be distinctly heard:
From there, I have the Super Mario Galaxy 2 tune with more suitable instruments:
Here is a lovely tune which I think would be a full theme song:
Here is a beautiful, catchy tune that I think many people would really love:
Lastly, here is a tune that's also really good which would be a haunting tune.  I haven't chosen the perfectly suitable instruments for this tune.  But I think the instrument choice should be good enough.  The instrument that would play the melody would be the eerie type of instrument you hear playing in the X-Files theme song. 
But I would prefer a choir instrument to play the melody.  It would have to be an eerie choir that conveys the same type of vibe of the eerie instrument in the X-Files theme.  Anyway, this melody is catchy, memorable, and great like the rest of my tunes and it conveys profound horror:
Now, here is the soundcloud links to all of those tunes I've just presented to you:
Lastly, here is a link to the music sheets of my tunes so you can see what types of notes and rests I've chosen:
I am actually going to point out the music sheet of one of my tunes which would be the Super Mario Galaxy tune.  I have circled the pattern of notes I see in that tune which proves I'm not just coming up with melodies with randomly placed notes or, what I like to call, just plain ruckus.  What's interesting is that I did not sit there and think of a pattern of notes.  Rather, this melody came to me through pure inspiration alone and, sure enough, I discovered that this inspired melody actually has a pattern of notes to it. 
This means my brain can create great, catchy tunes through pure inspiration alone with no intellectualizing before hand.  Of course, I do think of certain scenes to be inspired by in order to come up with these melodies.  But I do not sit there and think what notes I should use to convey whatever scene, character, or atmosphere I want to convey.  I let the inspiration alone create the music.  It's no different than how artists say they let the inspiration alone create the work of art.  Whenever I feel positively inspired, I let that emotion create the music.
Koji Kondo is the composer for video games such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.  Now, this Super Mario Galaxy tune I made is something I think is just as great and catchy as any one of Koji's tunes (but might not sound good or catchy in its current, beginning stage of development).  There are certain tunes Koji Kondo makes which are short tunes.  An example would be the tune you hear when Mario obtains the Grand Star in Super Mario Galaxy 2.  I have created my own tune to express that scene and I think it's just as good as any one of Koji's tunes. 
That might sound arrogant of me.  But, if I was truly arrogant, then I would be saying it's a fact that the tunes I'm creating in my mind are just as good as Koji's tunes.  I'm not saying it's a fact.  I am merely keeping an open mind to this possibility.  I have every reason to keep an open mind to this because, from what it sounds like, this tune really does sound just as good and catchy as one of Koji's tunes.  I have suspended all factors that would make an inflated judgment and I have honestly judged this tune to be just as good and catchy as one of his tunes. 
If someone else made this tune, then I would see it as being just as good as Koji's tunes.  Whether this is just a crap tune and it's simply my lack of knowledge and experience rendering me unable to tell the difference between a crap tune from a really good one has yet to be determined.  Like I said before, only time will tell and it's only when I successfully convey/fully develop this tune would it be determined for sure if this tune really is as good as I say it is or not.  I will say one last thing before I move onto the Q&A Section. 
It takes a gifted composer to convey something great, catchy, profound, memorable, and powerful in one simple melody.  I think I have that gift, but have to find a way to convey it.  If there's any skilled composer out there who can convey my melodies, then I would tell them to feel free to convey them.  I will show them the music sheets to my tunes and they can get to work.  But, if it's really the case that only I can convey these melodies since I know what they are, then I'll have to forget about others conveying my melodies for me. 
Q&A Section
Other Person's Response:  You've got to be joking!
My Reply:  I'm not joking.  I really think the tunes I'm hearing in my mind are really good and that I have yet to find a way to convey them.  I have every reason to think I'm creating really good tunes in my head and I explain why soon enough.  As for the tunes, sure, I got the right notes to these tunes down.  But something more is needed.
Other Person's Response:  What makes you think you are creating really good tunes in your head?  For all we know, they could be crap tunes.
My Reply:  As I said before, I have autism and it's said that autistic people are gifted.  People who are gifted tend to be incapable in other areas and highly advanced in one area and I think I could be that person.  I think I might be creating really good music in my mind that I have yet to share to the world.  Once people recognize its greatness, they should see me in a whole new light.  There is also another reason why and I explain it below. 
Other Person's Response:  I know you've talked about your mother in your previous packet.  But what about your father?
My Reply:  I don't live with my father and I only see him when it's my birthday (which would be September 1st).  Although, he has practiced the guitar for years and is a very good guitar player.  He even composes his own music.  Who knows, I might have inherited some of his talent and, as a result, am creating amazing, catchy tunes in my mind.  As far as I recall, I've been creating such tunes in my mind ever since I was a very young child.  I even sang them. 
But, since I don't know how to sing, then everyone would just hear them as gibberish tunes.  As for these tunes I've created in my mind when I was a young child, they were catchy, amazing, children's' tunes and not the style of tunes I'm creating in my mind now.  So, I'm naturally talented when it comes to creating good tunes in my head.  But I'm not naturally talented when it comes to playing an instrument, singing, or getting the notes to these tunes right the first time.  I have to keep toying around on the keyboard until I think I've gotten the notes right.
Other Person's Response:  Do you remember one of these tunes you've created in your mind as a young child? 
My Reply:  Yes.  I remember it like yesterday.  I will convey this tune when I know how to do it so everyone can listen to it.  I'm not going to be a singer.  I'm just going to compose tunes by figuring out the notes on the keyboard and going from there on musical software.  Also, back then, when I was a child, I was limited to creating catchy, childish tunes in my mind since my brain didn't have enough musical information to create these new tunes I'm creating in my mind now.  I talk more about this below.
Other Person's Response:  Even if you do fully convey your melody, it might still be awful gibberish.  The mind plays tricks on us all the time and your mind might be fooling you into believing you're creating these amazing tunes that convey something meaningful when, in reality, you're just creating gibberish that conveys nothing.  Inspiration alone does not create good music in our minds.  You need to know how to do it. 
My Reply:  But the brain absorbs information and knows how to do things naturally.  An example would be learning a language such as the English language.  By listening to others speak English, you eventually learn to how to speak it yourself.  There is a software known as Rosetta Stone where people just sit there and listen to new languages.  They learn to speak these languages just from listening to them. 
The same idea applies to making good music in your mind.  By listening to music your whole life, you will automatically learn how to create good music in your head.  Of course, you will need to actually learn how to convey the music you hear in your mind in the physical world.  Therefore, I plan on learning how to convey these amazing, catchy tunes and themes I hear in my mind.
Other Person's Response:  I think you're talking nonsense!

My Reply:  I don't think so.  People have dreams of amazing works of art such as new landscapes or new songs they've never witnessed and heard before despite the fact that these people are not artists.  This shows our brains are very well capable of creating amazing works of art just from the knowledge (information) that our brains have absorbed over the course of our lifetime.


Another example would be people who have near death experiences or take powerful psychedelic drugs.  These people will go on amazing journeys and they will witness beautiful, artistic, heavenly landscapes they've never seen before.  In addition, they will also hear beautiful, angelic music they've never heard before.
Other Person's Response:  I know plenty of people who don't know anything about composing, but are unable to create good music in their minds since they don't know how to do it.  By your logic, they should know how to do it.
My Reply:  Their brains already know how to create good music.  They just need that inspiration which would allow their brains to tap into that knowledge they have.  By tapping into that knowledge, they will be able to create good music in their mind.  There are certain methods that allow our brains to tap into that knowledge to create amazing works of art in our minds.  The example I gave was dreams, near death experiences, or psychedelic drugs.  But inspiration can also do the trick.
Other Person's Response:  I'm just not buying your claim that you're creating amazing, powerful, catchy, and profound tunes and themes in your mind without knowing anything about composing or how music works.  It's like saying that I can come up with an amazing invention in my mind or that I can invent the cure for cancer in my mind without knowing anything about how stuff works.
My Reply:  Haven't you ever dreamed of a scene in a certain show that was never in that show?  For example, you could dream of a scene in Harry Potter that never existed such as Harry opening up a portal and flying around on his broom in a future city with advanced technology.  Or haven't you dreamed of any given environment or scene that never happened in reality?  For example, I dreamed of my old home.  But it was a labyrinth version of my old home.  It was a very complex, beautiful work of art.
This shows that our brains can take already existing information whether it be from a show or anything else and create whole new scenes and works of art that are wonderful, glorious, beautiful, and amazing.  As you can see here, we don't have to know anything about how to create works of art; our brains will create amazing works of art for us through inspiration, dreams, etc.  That's how I'm creating these amazing themes and tunes in my head through inspiration alone without knowing anything about composing. 
Other Person's Response:  What works of art are our brains naturally capable of creating then?
My Reply:  It could be anything.  Even a new song by Michael Jackson that is just as great, powerful, profound, memorable, and catchy as any one of his songs.  If you've ever listened to MJ's music, then your brain already has all the information it needs to create a new song that is just as good as MJ's songs.  Your brain would know the very soul or personality of his music and create a whole new song. 
Other Person's Response:  What if these tunes you have in your head really aren't that good as you say they are?
My Reply:  If I do fully convey them and they really aren't that good, then that's fine.  I will improve as a composer so that I can eventually create truly good music.  For now though, it seems absolutely compelling to me that they are really good tunes.  Sure, some of my tunes might seem simple and repetitive.  But there are simple, repetitive tunes in anime and video games that are really good, memorable, and catchy.  Besides, music does need some repetition.  But not too much.  
Other Person's Response:  You're right.  There are such simple, repetitive themes in anime and video games.  An example would be the Super Mario theme song.  But the Super Mario theme isn't that good. 
My Reply:  I will point out what I said from my other packet.  People would be having too high of a standard which prevents them from appreciating the greatness of the Super Mario theme.  The theme conveys something catchy, fun, joyful, and beautiful and I don't understand how anyone could not appreciate the greatness and beauty of that.  It would be like saying that a flower is nothing great and beautiful and only an artistic field of flowers is great and beautiful.  Having such a high standard would prevent one from appreciating the greatness and beauty of that one simple flower. 
Therefore, if I fully convey these themes I hear in my mind and other people tell me they're not that good, then they would be having too high of a standard which is preventing them from appreciating the greatness and awesomeness of my themes.  If my themes really aren't gibberish and they are catchy like I say, then other people would be having too high of a standard to not praise them.  As you can see here, I have a much lower standard which allows me to appreciate things.  Of course, I don't praise lame music that we hear on the radio all the time.  I praise music that is unique and catchy.  
Other Person's Response:  Could you give me another example of people who can't appreciate the greatness and beauty of music due to their high standards?
My Reply:  Sure.  Some people would say that Michael Jackson's music is nothing great.  They would even say that some of his music is very simple and that a basic composer could compose something like this.  An example would be Heal the World which is one of MJ's songs.  Again, his music might be simple compared to Beethoven's or Bach's music.  But that doesn't mean MJ's music is nothing great. 
People just need to learn to appreciate the greatness, beauty, power, and soul of his music because it's music that's catchy, memorable, and conveys powerful and profound emotion.  I think that's all that's needed to make music great and amazing.  It doesn't have to meet some high standard of craftsmanship like Beethoven's or Bach's music.  I know many people do appreciate the greatness of MJ's music.  But some people out there don't and I think they need to lower their standards.
Other Person's Response:  Are there any other factors that you think would prevent people from appreciating any fully developed music of yours you might share in the future?
My Reply:  Yes.  People just might not like me as a person, they might not like the things I say in my packets, and also the fact that I'm not famous or popular.  There are people in this world who share amazing works of art, but have them ridiculed and shot down simply because these people weren't famous, weren't popular, and weren't liked as individuals. 
There are also people who share awful music and have their music praised simply because they are popular, famous artists.  As you can see here, people just have too many factors preventing them from appreciating the greatness and beauty of works of art and they also have factors preventing them from seeing the crap that some works of art truly are.  
Other Person's Response:  Your melody appears as a series of randomly placed notes.
My Reply:  If you look at the music sheet of the Dark Theme, you will see how there is a pattern.  A certain portion is played at the higher octave and is then repeated at the lower octave with a few modifications.
Other Person's Response:  You're 29 years old.  That is a bit late to begin learning how to compose.  Why the delay?
My Reply:  There are two reasons why.  The 1st would be that composing wasn't something I took up until later on in my life.  The 2nd would be that I've struggled much of my life with many miserable moments.  It was a cycle I was in and I have finally broken free of that cycle.  Now that I'm no longer miserable and have my positive emotions back to me, I'm ready to learn how to compose.  I don't think I will have anymore of those miserable moments again.
Other Person's Response:  What style of music do you wish to compose?
My Reply:  It would be something amazing, astonishing, of a higher dimension, transcended, literally out of this world, emotionally powerful, and bizarre.  Such music could convey something dark, gothic, and metal or it could convey something beautiful, dramatic, or heavenly.  I think such music would be quite suitable for anime such as Dragon Ball Z.  That melody I presented in this packet for Shadow the Hedgehog would be one of those themes.  Although, this melody is more of a dark, gothic type of theme rather than something out of this world. 
Other Person's Response:  You don't have to create good, emotionally powerful music.  You can just create music because you like to do it as a hobby.
My Reply:  My whole goal in making music is to create music that's great, unheard of, and emotionally powerful.  To me, it's not about the craft itself.  Even if I made the most artistically crafted song, but said song only conveyed a bland, unattractive emotion, then that craft wasn't something to be proud of.  Think of the lame music you hear on the radio.  From there, imagine a well crafted version of that.  It would still be lame music.  So, to me, music is all about that emotionally powerful greatness.  Without that, then I've failed my mission as a composer.
Other Person's Response:  Are you expecting to be as great as Beethoven?
My Reply:  No.  I just want to create music that is awesome, catchy, and emotionally powerful.  It would be like music for video games or anime.  When you hear theme songs for characters in popular anime or video games, they are often something catchy, awesome, bad ass, and emotionally epic or dramatic.  That is the style of music I'm going for.  However, it's something much more bizarre than that.
Other Person's Response:  Do you wish to go to college and go into a music business?
My Reply:  No.  I'm much better off learning at home and composing that way.  I can learn all I need to learn online.  It would just be a waste of money when I could have become a good composer at home.  Besides, I wish to pursue composing as a hobby and not as a career.
Other Person's Response:  Do you plan on sharing your music to others?
My Reply:  Yes.  When I am able to finally create good music in the physical world, I plan on featuring it on youtube and soundcloud.  I also wish to share it with my friends and family.  In addition, I would also go on music forums and share it there, too.  My whole goal here is to create good music that makes me feel positive emotions.  Remember, my positive emotions are what make the moment something beautiful, special, and joyful in my life. 
I also need my positive emotions to be positively motivated and inspired to compose.  Otherwise, it's not worth bothering.  Lastly, me having my music praised and recognized would also bring me positive emotions and that's my main goal, too.  I certainly would not want to compose all alone since I think I would find myself giving up.  That's why I need to share it with others. 
It's fine if my music doesn't become famous because I'm not expecting to be famous or rich.  I just want to share my music to as many people as possible because that would stroke my ego which would allow me to feel positive emotions from their praise and recognition of my music. 
That would get me all pumped up and high which would make the moment something amazing and joyful.  Consider it a moment of victory and celebration for me.  But, like I said before, if my music isn't good and doesn't get praised and recognized, then that's fine.  I will improve so that I can create good music and, hopefully, find a way to get it out there in the world so that it can get the praise and recognition it deserves.
Other Person's Response:  Composing only to seek praise and recognition of your music is shallow and being a hedonist is shallow, too.
My Reply:  Shallowness is all subjective.  What one person sees as shallow another might see as something profound and great.  I see composing for the praise and recognition of my music as not shallow because, according to my personal view, getting these amazing themes I hear out there into the world would make my music and artistic talent known. 
Me composing just for the sake of composing and nothing more is shallow because I would never achieve my goal of creating these amazing themes/songs and making them known to the world.  I have some unique, bizarre music that I plan on sharing and people would never get to know my unique style of music I compose. 
Some people might say it's possessed or demonic and shy away from it.  But I think it would be some very interesting music, nonetheless.  I have yet to become a skilled composer to convey these themes.  As for being a hedonist, again, I don't see that as shallow either because I think positive emotions are like the holy inner light within us that we need. 
Other Person's Response:  If you had some fatal condition right now and the doctor told you that you only had a few months to live, would you give up composing?   
My Reply:  I'm afraid so.  There is no way I can achieve my goal within such a short time period.  Since I can only compose just for the sake of composing, then I'd give up.  That's another reason why I've bought these Immortality Rings because they are said to keep your body healthy and alive by preventing diseases and stopping aging.  If these rings work, then they would allow me to fully go through with my goal. 
That is, if some fatal accident doesn't happen to me because the rings won't protect me from that.  Also, even if I did manage to achieve my goal, but my music got little to no praise, then I'd give up, too.  This is because I wouldn't be creating any good music and, thus, I would see it as being pointless to pursue composing any further.  If I try and try to improve, but my music is never that great, then I'd officially give up composing. 
Other Person's Response:  So, your only goal in composing is to hog all the glory and attention and feel good from that?  That makes you a leeching bastard!  I'm sorry, but that's plain selfish!  If you really do have an autistic gift that has yet to be conveyed to the world, that gift can be used for something better than what you intend to use it for.
My Reply:  I'll take what I want in life and I don't care what anyone's attitude or opinion is!  Like I said, only my own views and opinions matter to me.  I see nothing wrong with seeking praise and recognition of my music.
Other Person's Response:  If you can never create any good music and you officially give up composing, what hobby will you pursue next?
My Reply:  I will go back to my video gaming hobby since I've always been good at playing video games. 
Other Person's Response:  Wouldn't you feel positive emotions from inspiring others through your music?  Do you only feel positive emotions when others compliment your music?
My Reply:  I don't feel inspired or driven to inspire and help others in general or through my music.  Although, I would feel positive emotions from having inspired others and giving them something good to listen to.  So, in the process of me feeling positive emotions from making music and having my music praised, I would also feel positive emotions from others being inspired through my music.  Right now, I can't share any good music since I have to learn how to create good music. 
Other Person's Response:  What if it turns out these tunes you are hearing in your mind really are as great as you say they are?
My Reply:  Since my claim that these tunes I'm hearing in my mind were great tunes was a true claim I was making all along, then other people should really keep an open mind to my other claim which was that positive emotions are the only beautiful things in life since they are the only value judgments of good, beauty, greatness, and joy. 
As I said before, I have autism and autistic people have great insight into themselves and their own personal experience.  Many discover new ideas that humanity was blind to and in denial of.  If you don't believe I have autism, then go ask my mother and she will tell you.
Other Person's Response:  Even if your music turns out to be amazing, that doesn't make you an amazing person.
My Reply:  Music is an expression of our personality.  Therefore, if you create amazing music, that makes you an amazing person.  If there was a horrible person who created amazing music, that person would be horrible in one area, but would be an amazing person in another area.  Actually, according to my definition, positive emotions are what make you an amazing person and negative emotions are what make you a horrible or disgusting person.  But I'm not going by my personal definition here.
Other Person's Response:  Do you wish to be a performer?
My Reply:  No.  I have a keyboard and all I want to do is use it to figure out these notes I'm hearing in my head.  I do not plan on performing my music or any other type of music.  I figure out the notes on the keyboard and place them on a music notation software.  From there, I would use music producing software to choose better instruments for them.
Other Person's Response:  Have you shared your tunes to other people and have they told you that your tunes are gibberish?
My Reply:  Yes.  What makes it frustrating is that I already perceive these tunes as amazing and catchy since I know what they are.  This perception makes it seem quite obvious that others should perceive them the way I do.  That's why it becomes frustrating when I go and share them to other people and they say it's awful, incoherent, gibberish. 
I think this is the same issue I have when writing essays and things on forums.  I already know the message I am trying to convey and the message is quite obvious to me since I already know what it is.  But other people don't get that message and they say to me that my writing is awful, incoherent, gibberish. 
I think I just need to improve both as a writer and as a composer in order to successfully convey my message.  But, like I said before, composing is what I wish to learn and improve on.  I don't wish to be a skilled writer since that's not my goal in life.  As long as I don't improve, then other people might not get my message/music at all or they will perceive a completely different message/tune that I never intended.
Other Person's Response:  Remember, your notes must have a pattern to them in order for your music to make sense to people.  Otherwise, it would just be randomly placed notes.
My Reply:  Actually, I'm not sure if this is true.  I think you just need to have the right choice of notes and rests in order to convey any given scene or personality.  The tunes you create in your mind must be inspired and that inspiration is all that's needed to come up with melodies that convey something catchy, amazing, and memorable.
Of course, there are further steps necessary because just having the notes and rests down to these melodies isn't enough to convey them.  But I'm seeing if my melodies as they are will be conveyed to at least some people.  Also, I think there might be a pattern with the notes of my melodies.  All I'm asking is that others take a look at the music sheet and look for patterns.
Other Person's Response:  We as human beings project meaning upon things all the time.  Even meaningless things become meaningful to us.  It's quite possible you are projecting certain meanings upon your tunes which are actually gibberish tunes.  If I were to write down a series of randomly placed notes, then I bet you would report to me that this "melody" conveys something.
My Reply:  I performed this little experiment on myself where I placed a bunch of random notes down and listened to them.  I still perceived the "melody" as random gibberish.  So, it's quite possible I really am creating tunes in my mind that are catchy and amazing.

However, if I were to somehow perceive that random melody as conveying something meaningful and catchy, then it's quite possible my brain is creating a different tune from that which would be a tune that does convey something meaningful and catchy.


My brain might be trying to make sense of that random melody and, in order for my brain to do that, then it has to create a melody out of that random mess which would be a meaningful, catchy melody.
Other Person's Response:  According to your worldview, you would have to feel a positive emotion in order to perceive your tunes as amazing, beautiful, and great.
My Reply:  That's correct.  Otherwise, I would just be perceiving the idea that they are amazing, beautiful, and great.
Other Person's Response:  As far as I can tell, you don't have a full theme song going here.  You just have a melody.

My Reply:  That's correct.  At this point, I'm just sharing melodies and not full themes or songs.

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