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INSTRUMENTAL - Short Film Festival Entry (soundtrack competition)

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Alas, there's been a little-to-no interest shown in 'Instrumentals' so far as a topic.   I'm surprised! How many hundreds of members and guests are there on Songstuff yet without instrumental works or discussions to share?   *SIGH*   
I've hogged the topic so far ... so I may as well continue!! :) 


While home-producing the album "Prescient" (2015), I must have been on a creative "high" as I was drawn to submit a soundtrack for Australia's Tropscore 2015 Short Film scoring competition.  All competitors had the same 5-min short film to score - "REMOTE", a suspense with an unexpected twist.  The director Michael Noonan has kindly given me permission to show his film.  The film itself was withdrawn from competition two weeks AFTER the deadline due to complaints from NON-submitters about on-screen misogyny!  Besides frustrating, I found this crazily two-faced when current popular drama on TV and Film use murder, rape, torture etc. as mass 'entertainment'.


The Director created a private Facebook page for all the soundtracks that were submitted, and 16 of us uploaded our versions. And 16 more different approaches you would be hard-pressed to find.  It just goes to show why Directors/Producer commission original soundtrack work ... auditioning and choosing multiple submissions would be an impossible task.  Anyway, here it is:




This video + soundtrack is my original submission.  All the audio is mine including sound effects (except for the truck, digging, and dialogue).  It took about a week to even figure HOW to approach it ... the underlying visual mood, the suspense, the reveal, the close.  I too had found the on-screen power dynamics a little uncomfortable but treated this as a real-world challenge and used 'big cat' growls to show strength and redress the power imbalance.

When looking for new and unreleased material for the eventual triple album "The Flat White Album" (2020), I re-mixed this soundtrack from "Remote" into a standalone instrumental and shortened it to remove the original's pauses which, without the visual cues, would make no sense . Here's the album track as released (may only be a 30-sec extract if not played on Spotify, or logged in): 




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17 hours ago, GregB said:

All the audio is mine including sound effects


I like the music.  The animal sounds are much too pronounced making them seem unnatural.


The sounds themselves are not bad only too loud and intrusive.  They make statements in and of themselves rather than adding to the texture.  There seems to be no apparent reason for this watching the video action.  I was expecting a mountain lion to walk on the scene after the roar.


As regard to people posting Instrumentals here I have my latest, Fever Tree, on Showcase as of this morning.

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4 hours ago, Clay Anderson Johnson said:

sounds are much too pronounced


You may be right. I was an over-enthusiastic home studio virgin in mid 2015 as my first album only partly underway! Some of these animal sounds in the soundtrack were toned down and hopefully better melded together when editing/remixing for the 2020 album audio track.


4 hours ago, Clay Anderson Johnson said:

I was expecting a mountain lion to walk on the scene

Of of the 16 or so submissions that I've seen, only my soundtrack attempted (successfully or not) to do something with the 'reveal'/twist.

Her having been overcome by the shlubb, it was my way to convey her inner pride/strength/resistance.

"I am Woman ... hear me roar" 😃

Amusingly, the two actors were a real husband/wife!



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