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I play just about every instrument piano guitar bass guitar ukelele otomotone percussion been singing and writing songs since birth always had songs in my head as far back as 5 I can remember writing songs when I was 10 I wrote my firs5 rap song called toilet bowl salesman so I was 5 years old already going for the laugh . At 10 I joined the alabama boy choir and sang all over the world and was the grad chorister for my last year. I have always had a radio station playing in my head and it literally switches from one station to the next and in my head it’s playing in full multitrack stereo all the time I can hear how it will sound on every single track and add or subtract any instruments or vocals in my head and when something that really sounds good comes on the radio I try to lay it down. I have perfect pitch as well I can hum any note u want me to I may have to walk to it but it’s not a problem if u say d# I’ll just hum a + and walk the steps to it .not great on a trap set but played drums all the way from 8 th grade to senior played every drum snare quads (dates me) they have quints and sextuplets now I worked the pa for my highschool did all the sound for any theatre productions also did sound for plays at the bama theatre went to college on a full choral scloarship that included doing all the sound for the college as well as singing in the college choir. I like to make people laugh I study comedy religiously and it comes out in my songs. I was moving to Nashville at 21 and found out I was going to be a dad and put the music recording on hold I raised my kids on my own with my moms help of course. Now they are grown and I have 20 years worth of songs. I have country rock rap comedy dubstep instrumentals I’ve got a song about aliens I have so many hooks written down or recorded. I had to learn how to use a daw and I use garageband as I see should have learned fl studio but oh well. Tried beat maker 3 that was awful. 
and here is the part that has given me more pain then I ever thought I could feel I met a guy who was the most talented person I’ve ever met by a mile his mom was a popular country singer in the 80s and we were writing great stuff together I got 3 years being his friend and we were gonna start making videos next month and really do this thing and he was found dead and I don’t know why or how and I know that only you guys could possess understand the pain. All I can do now is try to do the best I can with what I have recorded I’ve got at least 20 releasable songs some will need endings or a bridge here and there but hopefully I can make them good enough. I need help if anyone is interested I’ve got some of my first recordings of rap songs when I was trying to find my voice and he gave me so much confidence that I was good at what I do all I need is an open door and someone with some talent and I’ll give you hit after hit just tell me what your flavor is I’ve listened everything from Marley zeppelin queen gnr  to backstreet to trap street. I have to finish this song for both of us. He had told me if anything ever happened to him to release the music so that’s what I’m gonna try and do. I sure miss hearing him play and sing with that guitar rip Jason . Now that I’m on they all got love for me brother

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Awesome welcome Che Whitey 

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