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Songwriting Development - Internal Rhymes and Alliteration

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Hey Gang


This songwriting mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write some lyrics, any song form, any genre, any topic, but a key feature of your lyrics should be the use of internal rhymes and alliteration.


Just in case you are unsure of either of those terms, an internal rhyme is a rhyme within a line:


Then he chose, but froze, as he delivered his line


And alliteration is a rhyme on the beginning of a word, starting with the same letter or phonic:


She sells sea shells on the sea shore


There’s no real deadline, but it is good if we can get some songs in on a challenge around the same time!






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I LOVE internal rhymes ... seems to happen regardless of what I'm trying to do.
Here's the 2nd song I ever wrote back in 2001 (the week after 9/11), sitting in a cafe and wondering WTF was happening in the world while life (and coffee culture) seemed to be going on as normal.  Released on a 2002 album (my first).
I re-arranged it and home-studio recorded in 2022 ... music video below.



Words by Greg Barnett


Woke up this morning, need my cappuccino

To get those grey cells circling round

The local caf' is calling me all that stylish company

The real cool cats from all over the town

Earl Greys and Cabernets

The conversation's loud

The dulcet tones of mobile phones

Gotta be part of, the Cappuccino Crowd


From Christmas to Easter we visit the barista

Greeting friends and strangers with a wink and a smile

Chocolate and pastries, savouries and tasties

Discretionary spending with impeccable style

Lattes and canapes

Nothing ordinary is allowed

People waiting for the tables, in designer labels

Want to be part of, the Cappuccino Crowd


Pretty girls in a social whirl

Exercising freedoms and self esteem

Always time to chat and to chew the fat

It's so passe if you're not part of the scene

Sipping cold beer with a phone to your ear

Eager to make a splash

Following the trend to spend hours on end

And all of your, cappuccino cash


Bertolucci and Fellini, focacias panninis

Exotic café culture blows your troubles away

Global disasters don’t affect your choice of afters

The cappuccino froth helps you get through the day

Our world’s unsavoury for certain, that’s why we draw the curtain

And the talk gets turned up loud

Our private café where we turn a blind eye to despair

And move on with, the Cappuccino Crowd




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I've been working on an alphabet rhyme for some while, it defiantly covers alliteration. as a further challenge I will try and add internals rhymes where i can. here's how it is so far


All actions are available

Brainstorms Beyond breakable

Creations creating creationals

Dopamine detox demonstrational

Enlightenments educational

Fun fast forever flavourful

Guided guardians graceful

He Humbles heroes he's honourable

Intentions infinitely incredible

Jerusalem's judgments Justifiable

Kings kingdoms, killable

Lustful lives leave love's liberal

Money makes man's mind more minimal

Nobodies Non-negotiable

Openness operational

Peoples preaching past peaceful

Quarantined queens questionable

Real recognize real reputable

Stop selling slaves sensible

Trending theories theosophical

Undermining us unintelligible

Viral vectors vs variables

Wizards witches wicked world war

Xenophobia xylographical

Yellow yam yearly yieldable

zigzag zombified zones zappable

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On 5/19/2024 at 3:14 AM, ALOPRODUCTIONZ said:

I've been working on an alphabet rhyme

Blimey! Excellent work. To be set to music???

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11 hours ago, ALOPRODUCTIONZ said:

a quick recording

I'd never have imagined that rhythm from the written page.  Although Rap was never my thing, I can appreciate the difficulty in getting your mouth around such a lot of oddly juxtaposed syllables!  Impressive. 👍 😎

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