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New: Deskew Technologies has released Gig Performer 5

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Gig Performer is an audio plugin host for live performance. 


New features in v5:


- GP Relayer - a plugin that provides an easy way to share audio and MIDI between Gig Performer and your favorite DAW.

Wiring Activity - displays connections as color-coded virtual MIDI and audio wires when any note is played, helping you to quickly understand and correct your audio and MIDI flow and audio levels. Playing your instrument makes wires illuminate to visualize signal levels — “Green” indicates that your levels are OK, “Yellow” indicates that your levels are getting a little high, and “Red” means that your signal is running hot.


MIDI Rechannelizer - a plugin that allows flexible channel rerouting, enhancing your ability to manipulate and streamline MIDI flows. Using an intuitive grid-based interface, you can easily redirect MIDI signals to and from any channel or send multiple channels simultaneously.

MIDI Chord Maker - lets you create complex chords using different sounds or block unwanted notes in a performance simply by playing a single key on your keyboard. For example, now you can simultaneously perform bass, strings and choir, each part using different chords in different inversions, all with one finger on one hand, thus freeing up your other hand to perform a dedicated piano part. Chord Maker features MIDI learn capabilities to speed up your workflow when you map notes to chords.


- The Envelope Follower plugin - lets you use audio volume to control envelope parameters in real-time—for example, wah-wah effects, which are particularly useful for guitarists. Or, if you wish to talk while playing music, Envelope Follower can produce MIDI messages that can control ducking, automatically lowering the music volume as you speak. Using widgets, you can use audio volume to virtually control any parameter within your setup.


- Gig Performer’s Streaming Audio File Player has been enhanced with new Stretch and Transpose capabilities. It lets you flexibly and quickly tweak your audio tracks—speed them up, slow them down, or change the pitch—to fit any live performance or rehearsal scenario. These settings are stored and recalled as part of GP User presets, particularly useful when using backing tracks with a singer who requires a transposed song pitch.


- The new Global Rackspace MIDI feature - allows you to centralize your MIDI effects, key splits and transpositions in the Global Rackspace. Similar to how Global blocks have been used to send audio in Gig Performer 4, this new update allows you to send a stream of MIDI to and from the Global Rackspace as desired, streamlining your MIDI processing.


- The MIDI Transposer plugin - a convenient, quick way to transpose note and polyphonic aftertouch messages as messages pass through the Wiring view. It is very useful for quickly changing the key of a MIDI sequence, and you can insert multiple Transposer plugins to create harmonic variations.


- Song Part Actions - define multiple actions to be triggered automatically whenever a song part is selected. Use this feature to send any MIDI messages to hardware, send OSC messages to remote devices for selecting videos or even invoke GP Script functions.


More informationhttps://community.gigperformer.com/t/gig-performer-5-0-is-released/18014?u=npudar

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