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Hi, all.

I guess there are a few questions that are typically asked/answered here. Let's see whether I can get them all.

- Name: My display name is a combination of my first name (Eric) with a Tolkien character (Beren Erchamion). I identify with Beren for having one hand, and I envy him for gaining Luthien's love.

- Location: I think it shows just to the left, but I'm roughly in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. I've been in the general area my whole life, with the exception of 4.5 years in Los Angeles for an education in Physics that (for various reasons) I haven't been able to use.

- Musical goals/interests: I've relatively recently found the genre filk [sic]. For some reason it's made me want to write songs; at least starting with lyrics, but hopefully learning and moving into whole songs. I'll never be a professional (or anywhere near pro-quality), but I'd like eventually to improve to where I can do this as a serious hobby. I know it will be a challenge. First, I'm getting a somewhat late start (I turned a quarter of a century old nearly two years ago); second, I don't really have the creativity, and I tend to think too literally; third, I need to learn a lot of the theory and practice.

- Musical background: Not much. Performance-wise, I did play percussion (at various times primarily bass drum, auxilliary percussion, tympani, and bells/xylophone-type mallet percussion) in school, but I haven't picked up a mallet since high school. I'm tone-mute, and thanks to playing only things that don't tune (I always needed somebody else to tune the tympani) I don't have a trained ear; so I don't sing in public, and I very rarely sing when even one other person can hear. As far as writing, the last time until recently I had seriously tried to set words to music or even to rhyme and meter had been high school. In fact, I remember as late as 9th grade using a poem I had written in 6th grade (to my credit, though, my 9th grade Honor's English teacher did say that that poem was publishable).

I'll probably reside primarily in Lyric Reviews. Once I start commenting on others' work, I have one or two things to put up for review as learning experiences.

Wow, this is long! That's what I get for trying to cover all the bases. Did I miss anything? I look forward to learning and participating.

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