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    Trace a line between Dimitri Shostakovich and Cheap Trick, which passes through Jason Falkner, Eleven, Stravinsky, Queen and the Beatles amongst a lot of others, and you will me find me walking on it.

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  1. Mr. Fox FULL DEMO

    It's great! I love the feel of the song, the creative arrangements and the character of your voice. Original and truly charming. If I had to point just one tiny thing that I don't like, it's the sound of the bass (at 0.53). It works OK when burried but when left alone it sounds too artificial and, to my humble ears, doesn't fit the tone of everything around it.
  2. Words Away

    In understand. Whichever one comes second, lyrics or music, loses some freedom and has to fit the other. In Words Away, for example, I just couldn't get anything that would flow naturally along with the music so I completely went for that disjointed feel.
  3. Persona

    When I was younger I was seeing geometric forms when I was intensely listening to music. I was genuinely seeing them coming out of my speakers and floating into my room. But I lost that superpower. :-) To answer your question, I don't picture the faces of the singers. Actually, I think I prefer when I don't know the face of the musicians I'm listening to. Because, even if unconsciously, it could alter the way I perceive their music.
  4. Just Let It Go

    I like it! Catchy chorus. I was going to comment on the drums but you said it what on the list of things to do. So I'm just gonna mention that the rhythm guitar stands a bit too much out, beginning at 2:27. Nice job, anyway.
  5. Words Away

    Do you write lyrics on pre-existing melodies too?
  6. Alone In This

    I'm going to join the consensus: you have a lot of potential. The song is very raw but you managed to convey a lot of emotion through it. You will refine your craft with time but you already have what can't be learned and that's great! :-)
  7. Electronic tune with '80s bits

    It's not the style of music of I would listen (I must confess I have no sympathy at all for the 80's) but it sounds very good, Will!
  8. Words Away

    I can hum Highway To Hell's chorus but I wouldn't say it is melodic. It is catchy and appropriate, though. On the other hand, there are extraordinary melodies in Monteverdi but too complicated to be instantly memorable. Personnaly, I think of melody in terms of movement (or absence of movement). But it's not the place to talk about that :-) Let's get back to our main topic. Thanks for your comments, Graf! And well, I'm not looking for a contract, so it's cool. :-) Thank you very much for the high praise, Sage! I may try to tweak the drums and bass' volume. When considering my final mix it was one of my main concerns. Glad you enjoyed the chorus (I like it too. :-) ). And I totally agree with you on the structural problem: the chorus is coming in so late! But I couldn't get it in earlier. It works where it is. Also, It's true that the first verse is a bit repetitive and that it tests the patience of the listener. I first thought of cutting half of it but then the second part and its change of tone was coming too early and the song felt too unstable to my ears. I could have gone for more melodic or chord variations but the song was already a bit complicated and thought I'd keep it rather straight at first. I was hoping the animated bass line would do the trick. I will think about your suggestions, though. Thanks for that, Ken! :-) Thanks for your observations, Sreyashi! It's been something like 25 years or a bit less since I first began recording stuff (before even learning how to play) in a keyboard sequencer without knowing what I was doing at all. As for your second question, it depends on what you mean. I'm not a pro at all, just your regular loser, but what I pursue is to keep writing songs, possibly less and less awful. :-) The process, at this point, is more about getting stuff out of my head than making it a goal to find and please an audience. Not that I wan't people to not be pleased by my music, mind you, but it's only secondary... for now at least. :-) It's true that this song's not really a hummer and that I could probably have gotten more of each idea in it if they had had more place to expand. But what I was aiming to was that roller coaster vibe, something that wouldn't give the listener time to catch his breath. I agree it may be too much for most people but that was kinda the point of the song. When you mentioned I should try to explore more accessible dimensions, you made me want to dig out and re-work a song I wrote a while ago. I will post it here when I'm done! But thank you already. :-) Haha. Yeah, I can hear a bit of Eleonor Rigby's strings fills in the melody! Thank you very much, Bryce! Well thanks a lot for your kind words, Pahchisme. And you're right, Im rarely happy with my lyrics. Not that I really wish to go anywhere, but they are obviously a weak point (and the part I spend the most time on!!). In this case, there are keys to get what I meant but I did not give the keys. What I tried to do (and failed to achieve, I agree) was to write lyrics that would go in every directions, seemingly incoherently, but would form a picture in the end that would be relevant emotionaly. And damn, does that sound pretentious! :-D The things is, like I told in my first post on the forum, what brought me here in the first place is a desire to find people to collaborate with. I'm tired of having complete songs sleeping for monthes (or years) because I can't manage to write proper lyrics for them. Wow... That was a long post. If you read it all: bravo!
  9. Love To Hear Your Input - When You Come Home

    Nice and touching song! I love your interpretation and the mix is pretty solid. What you could do to make it better, maybe, is, like Sage said, to find a way to add something of a driving rhythm at some point.
  10. Sreyashi- Together

    I liked the first mix way better (I was a fan of your rhythm patterns!). But it's hard to judge because the voice is so upfront now. You were so close already with your previous attempt, no need for bridge jumping! Maybe you just need to put the song to rest for a while and come back to it with fresh ears later. I tried to remix the first song I posted here taking all the comments that were made in consideration and it was a nightmare! I tweaked and tweaked and lost myself. It's like nothing was working anymore. The only solution apart from re-working the song from scratch is to really take a break from it before returning to the job.
  11. Critique my song please

    The link is in the second post, Mike.
  12. Cell Phone Junkies!

    Add me to the praise: It's so fun and creative! I love it.
  13. Critique my song please

    Not sure you listened to the good song, Jenn. This one is an instrumental! :-) Timmakh, there is a potential nice song there but there are things to work on. As HoboSage observed, the bass should be centered but my main concern is the drums. They're too off for that kind of song to work. It looks like you don't really know what to do (and it's ok, everyone has to learn! :-) ). Just one example: at 20s, the kick ostinato starts two beats too early and totally kills the groove of the guitar.
  14. Words Away

    First: thanks for your observations, Jenn. Good point about the lack of introduction. I could think of something. As for not understanding what I'm saying at times, I guess my way of singing added to the fact that I'm french probably doesn't help. Between different takes, I tend to pick the expressive one even if it's less well articulated. Thanks for the praise and for the reserves you expressed, MonoStone. The mix on this one was very tricky and this is the best I could get (so far). There are some adjustments I could do but, due to the arrangements being very busy, I don't precisely see how I could make things significantly better at this point. And I don't really have a reference in mind I could try aping. Thank you very, very much, Will! The kind of comments that gives you confidence. And every composer friggin' needs some. :-) And yes, you got it: Chris Cornell has been a huge influence. Euphoria Morning, in particular, is one of my favorite records ever. This is slightly off-topic but Jenn and MonoStone's comments about the lack of discernable melody make me ponder. It's a rather energetic song so I didn't go for long developped melodic lines but I thought there were melodic moments, even if short or if having to exist in a busy environment. And it reminds me of a blog page from a guy who reviews records. Reading through his comments, I was surprised at how he found melodic qualities in songs in which I did not at all and did not find those qualities in songs I would have qualified as highly melodic. This probably isn't the place for asking that question but I wonder how everyone in this forum would define a good melody.
  15. Words Away

    I thought I could post another song so you guys (and girls) get a better idea of my "style" if I have one. The song is a collaboration with a guitarist friend. As I mixed it at the same time than All in Vain, I guess the critiques you made then will apply again here. Hopefully the lyrics won't scare anyone, as they are purposefully weird and disjointed. WORDS AWAY You're hearing my voice now but I won't say nothing We broke up, words and I, right when they did that thing Those lies they've been hiding. Emptinesses concealed My trust has grown so thin. What is left to be healed? Have you heard there is a circus in town? Special show: the clowns are dead. Baby, well, you know, I'll always be there... There to kick you in the head Welcome demons. Make yourself at home. Party's gonna be insane. Now some rest. I'm gonna sit on that chair in front of this approaching train And then there's love Don't you love love When it rips your head apart? The witch in my telly can not grant my dance wish A spit in the deep sea just won't wake up one fish There's a secret but it's not locked away. Truth is it's you who's in the box Felt the barrel, smiled, and you heard a shot. Well that's just the way she talks Yuck her inner beauty's really ugly but she photoshopped her thoughts Hand 'em over now those memories you've got. You can keep those of your faults And then there's love And then we're wrong Shame, you see, the world is falling Yeah, let's throw the world away Lame, you see, the words you live in Yeah, let's throw the words away There's a road that leads to yourself Don't let yourself get in the way Light is closer than you think it's all yours To make everything turn OK Shame, you see, the world is falling Yeah, let's throw the world away Lame, you see, the words you live in Yeah, let's throw the words away