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Gaining Visibility in a Saturated Music Market

Breaking through the noise in today’s music industry can be daunting, especially with the sheer volume of new music being released every day. However, there are several effective strategies that artists can use to enhance their visibility and stand out in a crowded market. Here’s a deeper dive into how you can increase your visibility:   1. Utilize Social Media Platforms Strategically Content Variety: Post a mix of content related to your music, including behind-the-scenes footage

john in 2024

Why Marketing Your Music Matters

Understanding the 80/20 Rule in Music Success In the music industry, there's a popular saying that goes, "having a successful song is 20% about the music and 80% about the marketing." At first glance, this might seem a bit surprising. Isn't it all about the music? While the quality of the music is undoubtedly crucial, the role of effective marketing in the success of a song can't be overstated. Let’s break down why this is the case.   The Importance of Music Quality Firstly,

john in 2024

Light Up Your Music with Songstuff's Showcase!

Have you ever felt like your music was a hidden gem waiting to be discovered? Guess what? It’s your time to shine! The Songstuff Music Community is here with our awesome Showcase feature, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this. What’s the Buzz with the Showcase? In the vast ocean of music, finding a spot to bask in the limelight can be tough. That's where the Songstuff Showcase sails in! Located at the heart of our community (right here, click away!), this special area is all

john in 2024

Get To Know Your Audience

It’s not a single, simple thing. Knowing your audience is the product of asking a great number of questions, and being prepared to look at the answers you receive in different ways.   Once you have gained insight into who your audience is and how they are likely to behave, the dividends this can pay you as an artist are massive. For a start your audience targeting efforts become much more successful.   For artists, the benefits can be success, connection, and growth. Knowing

john in 2024

Help Yourself With These 11 Powerful Music Marketing Secrets

When I say “11 Powerful Music Marketing Secrets” you might be forgiven for thinking “I bet they’re not powerful” and/or “I bet they’re not that secret”. True, you will have heard of most if not all of them. The secret is more, just how much power each one holds. The key to getting the most power from them is in using them together.   Music marketing is not a black art, no matter what musicians tend to think. It’s a set of skill that you can learn, but you won’t learn them without effor

john in 2024

Use Acoustic Treatments To Improve Your Recording Space

Hey   If you've ever recorded at home then you have had one or all of these experiences:   Soundproofing - Controlling sound IN or OUT External noise spilling onto your recording Performing or monitoring music and annoying neighbors or family members Sound Conditioning - Managing the characteristic response of your recording space The environment amplifies unwanted noise within your space Hot frequencies in you

john in 2024

Follow for Follow is Killing Your Music

"Follow for follow" (often abbreviated as "F4F") is a tactic where individuals agree to follow each other on social media platforms with the hope of boosting their follower counts. It is often used, to the point of being highly damaging, by artists in the independent music scene. Without realising it, they are killing their own music.   Let me explain. While this strategy may seem tempting, especially for emerging artists looking to build a presence, it comes with a variety of drawback

john in 2023

20 Reasons Why Music Forums Are Better For Songwriters, Bands And Producers Than Other Social Media

Modern social media is not ideal for many uses. This is especially true for bands and artists. From individual posts being missed and content you are interested in being buried beneath a pile of posts that you are not interested in, through a lack of people with suitable knowledge and skills, to not being able to find a vital piece of information posted 2 weeks ago and the lack of moderation making communicating frustrating, there's a long list of the shortcomings of modern social media.  

john in 2023

Songwriting Challenges

Independent songwriters and music producers really miss out on the advantages gained by artists and songwriters through the songwriter and artist development activities within record labels and music publishers.  Within these activities songwriters, performers, artists and even producers will gain experience making them into more rounded artists, songwriters etc. They may collaborate, through songwriting camps, workshops or songwriting dates, or similar. The immediate aim might be to write

john in 2023

A Guide To Song Forms

A Guide To Song Forms Song Form, another way of saying Song Structure, is a useful way of understanding songs that are made up of a number of sections. There are a whole bunch of song forms. Some are quite broad ranging, others are strongly associated with specific genres.   Our article “A Guide to Song Forms - Song Form Overview“ gives you a good grounding in the basics of song structure. It also gives you links to in-depth guides on each song form including examples of that song

john in 2022

Songstuff Channel Trailer

The Songstuff Channel on YouTube     Help us to help independent artists, songwriters and musicians!   Please subscribe to our channel, and please share our post and/or trailer in case you know any musicians that would be interested in our community or benefit from our site, and of course like and comment on the trailer!

john in 2022

[ANNIVERSARY] Songstuff celebrates 20 years in existence. (and 20k members!)

2020 is a special year for us.   We are proud and grateful to be carrying a legacy of serving independent musicians for twenty years now. And in that time, we have grown to be one of the biggest music communities on the internet with our member population having reached more than 20,000!     It gives us pleasure to be celebrating this milestone throughout the year with loads of free content, products, contests and more. We plan to give away rewards such as ad-space on o

Mahesh in 2020

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Get Involved and grow your fan following through Songstuff Independent Music Stage!

We’re proud to have served the indie music community through Songstuff for 20 years now.     Our main domain songstuff.com has been a hub for independent musicians and aspiring music professionals to expand their knowledge and experience through articles, tutorials, educational content, and an extremely diverse and huge forum community. But we believe we can do a lot more!     Introducing....   Songstuff Independent Music Stage is a brand new i

Mahesh in 2020

Good Reasons To Enable Songstuff Member Newsletter

So, why should you opt in to Songstuff community messages and the Songstuff Community Newsletter?   News   Well, there is the obvious, that staying informed helps you to get the most out of any website or community. Our newsletters tell you about music and entertainments industry news, music tech news as well as news about our site and community.   Supporting Independent Music   We feature great independent music created by our community members alongside the


Songstuff Writer and Artist Development Challenges

Independent writers and artists face several large disadvantages when they are compared to signed, mainstream writers and artists.  Disadvantages that add up to making it a competition that indies can’t win. Hell they can’t even compete.   Lack of budget and poor contacts are fairly obvious disadvantages. Lack of experience and a lack of knowledge restricts songwriters and artists alike. Lack of an overall strategy, and a limited set of incomplete tactics, makes for a critical problem


Announcing Songstuff's Brand New Chat-box System!

Hello Fellow Songstuffers! We hope that your quarantine during this pandemic has been productive and peaceful. We’ve been working away to bring you a better forum experience, more free content, and some exciting products!   To start with, Team Songstuff is happy to introduce to our forum community the brand new and advanced chatbox system.     The addition of this ‘social media’esque tool opens up to our members a vast range of uses and advantages from organi


Featured Artists - Soundcloud Playlist Of Songstuff Artists

Featured Artists - Soundcloud Playlist   23 songs from Songstuff Featured Artists. A diverse playlist of artists covering a broad range of genres. All independent artists, please support our Featured Artists. @moptop @ames1212 @Avit Hammer @Simon Darveau @CapM Deep Red Sea (aka @john) @GocartMoz @john @emilyandersonmusic @daryl1968 @Just1L (2 songs) @Tom Collins @SteveA @Mahesh (2 songs) @M57 (2 songs) @Kel @Achazia (2 songs) @Steve Mueske (2 songs)   #playl


Weekly Playlist!

Hi everybody!   Yesterday a new Soundcloud playlist was published! In the first part of the track different tracks in "modern" vibe were included (rock, dark-pop, electronica, progressive metal, etc...) , whilst in the second half you'll be able to find more folky/country/singer-sonwriter tasting songs,  together with a couple of very nice electronic and ambient tracks.   This week, forum members @Steve Mueske, @SteveA and @Mahesh were included!   I hope you can enj


Weekly Tracklist in Songstuff!!

Hello everybody!   As most of you might already know, Songstuff has been supporting indie artists for almost 20 years. We are always looking forward helping artists to grow at all levels, promoting them and seeing them success in this crazy and fantastic music world.   Nowadays there is a great amount of music platforms that we can use to discover new artists of all genres: Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, iTunes... among others . In an attempt to promoting


Songstuff Community on SoundCloud

Songstuff Community on SoundCloud provides playlists of some great Artists who also happen to be Songstuff members, alongside some of the best indie music on the internet from people who may or may not be Songstuff members.   Coming soon: We will soon be adding a regular music marketing podcast.     Songstuff Community on SoundCloud


Songstuff Compilation - Call For Submissions

This is a call for submissions for the inclusion of tracks in a compilation album. The compilation is as a fundraiser for Songstuff.   The idea is simple. If your track is selected to be included, any funds made directly from compilation sales will go towards funding our community. Submission of your tracks is on that understanding. We would also need your permission to use tracks to promote the compilation, permission to edit for that purpose and to master so that all the tracks sit w


Article - Bands, Give Your Fans Real News, Not Spam

Bands often flood people with non-news in an effort to engage fans. It’s not straight forward. They are told they must engage with fans, but too many get it wrong.   Are you?         Bands, Give Your Fans Real News, Not Spam    


Jigsaw Sequence - Featured Artist

Jigsaw Sequence     Jigsaw Sequence is a singer/songwriter who lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Never happier than when tinkering with his latest piece of audio gear, Jigsaw Sequence has decided to share his music with the world.   Jigsaw Sequence has released his debut single, "Heroes". It is available on most music platforms. Read our intervi


Musicians are 3 times More Likely to Suffer from Depression

In a recent study conducted by the University of Westminster, it has been found that there is crisis in mental health within the U.K. music industry that is at alarming levels. The study, “Can Music Make You Sick” was commissioned by Help Musicians UK. It looks at how having a career in the music industry impacts upon the mental health of musicians.   2,211 musicians took part in the study. Researchers Sally-Anne Gross and Dr. George Musgrave revealed that 71.1% of musicians have suffe


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