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  1. Hi I want to attempt my first home recording and need advice on what I need etc. I currently have a laptop with the standard laptop like equipment. Like the slow hard disk and standard sound card. I have Sibelius installed. I also have a digital piano that I can connect to my laptop. I intend to do things my self probably use 1 input at a time so no real high end stuff needed. What software would be useful, what hard ware would be useful. For example to make the software easier to use do I really need control board. So basically - what is the minimum I need to record a track and secondly what would be nice to have (eventually)? Thanx in advance.
  2. place it in an important place in the song - first last line on the chorus. It has to be catchy and singable - you want your audience to be able to sing alomg to it. A lot of the time it is the title of the song. Regards
  3. Hi all Just saying hello, i AM COMPLETELY NEW TO SONG WRITING. Hope to learn and share lots.