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Android Tablet Audio Interface

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yonnystarr    0

Hey guys, I feel guilty make a new thread just for this one question, but I couldn't find a general Q/A sticky, so here goes nothing...

I am new to the home recording thing... I have experience recording in a studio, but I've never been the one to mix or master the tracks. So, I've done some research but I'm still a lot more lost than I'd like to be...

My question is this... I am looking at some audio interface devices but I don't know if these would be compatible with an Android Tablet that I have. I have an application called Uloops on Android, and I was hoping to use this app. along with an Audi Interface to record voice and guitar. But I'm afraid of buying an audio interface which would not be compatible with either android or uloops.

Does anyone have any wisdom, advice, suggestions that they could please share with me. It's greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a very simple question :(

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Roflcopter    15


android and audio recording is still somewhat in its infancy I fear. :) I sincerely hope this will be remedied soon.

Here are some pointers:


The main problem is that it's either easy to use, but compressed (not exactly optimal for further processing) or pretty technical, as in still needs programming skills.

I suggest you go the simple route first, and see what works and works not, preferably in the shop *before* you spend any cash. I think USB interfaced hardware should be your best option.

If that all works as it should, you are safe on the hardware front, and then you can then proceed to use more advanced apps that may still need a bit of tweaking, for the more serious quality stuff and higher sample rates.

If you need any assistance at that point, just holler :)

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