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Welcome To My Blog



I have never, ever had a blog and have very little idea what the heck I am doing. With that said, I will not be chronicling what I had for breakfast or how many pounds I put on during the holidays :thumb: . This is just a repository of my lyrics, songs, and works in progress.


It is my sincere desire that someone would, one, actually look at this page, but two, would like to possibly collaborate to makes songs. I have no delusions that anything I do will actually be made commercial, but how cool would that be! One can dream.


Anyway, feel free to peruse my stuff and feel free to comment.



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Stuck on song WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT.  Got 1st verse and chorus and the gist of what I want to say, but stuck....anyone want to lend a hand?


Country flavor (I think)



Verse 1:

Gotta "COEXIST" bumper sticker, on the back of my pickup truck

Always pray before downin’ my dinner, go to church when I'm down on my luck

Got a bobble-head Virgin Mary, on my dashboard to keep me safe

But I lost a tooth in a fender bender, when she flew right into my face


I try to have all my bases covered

But the trouble is that it just ain’t workin’…


What’s it all about?

Why do I keep

Breathin’ in and out? 

Eat, sleep, repeat

And how can I know, when I die

If I’ll make it to heaven?

What’s it all about?




Progress thru song….don’t want to repent or do it God’s way….too much commitment although you have seen it work in friend’s life…instead, will blow off doing what it takes to know "how you get to heaven" instead continues to ask….”what’s it all about?”

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