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Death - The Big Scary Word

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Is he smiling when he dies? Yeah, hell yeah. The thing is, about 100 people in the whole world think there's nothing on the "other side". Well, I do not believe in God or religion, but I still think that there's something else on the other side. It's like that hollow feeling to think that a soul or a spirit has been manufactured and built up, and all that mental energy, the physical energy that could be made by a being, just disappears? If you're still not getting me, then think of it like this; Everyone has a soul (one exception, the love of my life, and even he knows what's happening to him after death) and soulds cannot be destroyed - they are linked and developped and beautiful and complex, and the very thought that they can just be destroyed is ludicrous.

Everyone's got a spirit and a soul. Soul is a person's belief in what they believe in and their essence, spirit is a person's representation and enthusiasm for things, their personality. Very similar. So when you die, your spirit and soul combine to form something else - another animal, inhabiting another brain, so you'll be forgetting everything from before. But they can also follow the people they loved, as ghosts. These are both unlikely things to happen - most people go to their personal paradise, called Heaven, and everything is really great there - it'spractically tailor-made for each person to be happy in their own little Heavens (see book coming out soon: "Heaven's Paperclips" by Verity Brown ©).

Me personally. Well... Isis isn't just a nickname. Shh... there are only 7 mantels. 7 sins. 7 elements (in order: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, Light, Darkness). Lucky number 7 :)

I love the song "The day I died" by Just Jack © cos the personna is just living his life, he can see the good things in life, knows what to appreciate, even the littlest tihngs, made that day the best he could remember, because everything was just in harmony. And he didn't even care that he died that day - he was happy, because he appreciated life, so he didn't mind death.

If you're scared of death, that's natural. Everyone's frightened of the unknown. But if you think death is something to run from then a) you're nuts, cos you cant outrun death and B) you should be living life more. Do it, make each day count. If you would regret dying tomorrow, ask why you'd be frustrated with yourself. Fix it. Life is beautiful, stop wasting every second, because every second counts. I cannot stress it enough!

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