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  1. curious... This is purported to be the hearing range of people and animals. Remarkable symmetry between Chinchillas & Horses. Who'd a thunk it?
  2. Curious. I went to Ireland about 5 years ago and sampled the draft Guiness in Dublin. It was exactly the same as the stuff we buy in cans (Guiness Original). So you are either drinking the so called 'draft Guiness' from cans or get some special export version. IMO, beer should not be sophisticated! Its £9 a bottle here. I dont usually spend that much on wine. A nice Australian Shiraz, South African Pinotage or Spanish Rioja can usually be had for about £6.
  3. I dont want another acoustic guitar, though there are a couple of classic Maccaferri plastic guitars up for auction in the uk soon. But am always fascinated by alternative materials for electrics. I've looked at wood alternatives. Wood will move. I even had a Flaxwood guitar briefly (didnt like it). I have been interested in carbon fiber guitars for years. The nearest e-models are by Status. They mainly make basses, but do one guitar also. I've not been able to try one out yet, and I'm certainly not ordering a custom build without doing that. Most electric players cant get their heads out of 1959.
  4. The recording sounds very nice. It has a sweet sound. Partly the guitar and partly the player of course. Nice choice.
  5. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next – Manic Street Preachers
  6. From Helen O'Connell no doubt?
  7. Wine: apothic red. Ok I'll give it a whirl. I usually avoid Californian and French wines. Californian often tastes ok at first sip, then artificial aftertaste. French? They only export the stuff they dont want. I dont want it usually either. I'll give you a report on the apothic red when I've tried it Tim. -Better be good! Ears. I would never choose to listen to mu0isc on studio speakers. That goes for headphones and NFMs. Too sterile. I had some Pioneer phones some 30 years ago that made everything sound great. I bought another pair when the originals wore out. I bet a sound engineer would know what it was made em sound like that. Beer. Until I was 40 I hardly touched lager. I was into uk style real ales. Yes the hoppy stuff. That gig we played at the Wickham Beer Festival, and they gave us flagons of beer to take home at the end (they couldnt store it) was fantastic. These days I do drink lager at home. Stella Artoise or Fosters usually. I also like to have Guiness on hand. Guiness Original if its out of can. Out and about in pubs, its still bitter beer usually. No I have not been drunk for more years than I care to remember.
  8. My ears are not as good as they were. MP3 seems fine most of the time. I no longer have high end gear. Well.... I still have my 30 year old Mordaunt Short speakers, but they just serve as stands for the much smaller Denons.
  9. Its only what happens in pubs/bars. You nip in for a quick beer, but stay for several. Tim's thread now entirely de-railed. Sorry man!
  10. The same thing happens with cheap wine.
  11. Why do you think I bought the wine glasses? I am hoping to entice women into my house. I bought a vacuum cleaner too. I'm sure it works. Its got a plug on it.
  12. I know. You're shocked to discover that I'm so unsofistikated. I am making progress though. I have actual wine glasses now. I cant remember the last time I necked straight from the bottle.
  13. WOw!! I am overwhelmed by the kindness & effort you put into this. I am looking for coconut oil. I am also looking into iodine & apple cider vinegar. I often use the later on salads so I will look for some tomorrow. I consume a lot of vitamin C naturally, so that's already sorted. Thank you so very much Pahchisme. Hey Tim, I was shocked to find out it was shingles. I had it when I was in my 20s on my torso and it felt worse than this. I didnt connect this experience to it at all. It began about 8 or 9 days before Easter weekend, so Im at a loss to understand why it came on. I did 3 hours gardening today, so it hasnt been too debilitating.
  14. It is. Enough to keep you awake at night. But I'm still relieved its nothing more serious. I have some medication to stop the blisters spreading.
  15. For over a week Ive felt like my should & arm has suffered a massive bruise. I dont remember hurting it, but thats what it feels like. I've been working all over the Easter until today. On Monday I had red marks on my arm. Yesterday I booked a couple of hours off to visit the doctor. I was told I have shingles. Now I'm off work I have had to put off a family visit, a dance classes and tommorow's karate class, because people are scared of getting it. I dont blame them, but the nurse told me only to keep away from pregnant women and people undergoing cancer treatment. So I spent the morning in the studio. And am doing housework this afternoon. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I'm just a bit frustrated & disappointed. At least the injured finger is better now so I can at least play guitar again. Simple pleasures .
  16. I sometimes grind the Kenco granules to a finer powder with the back of my spoon. I used to think this didnt make any difference, and I still do.
  17. No, but looking back I think I probably went a bit OTT. My connections are a bit tenuous. I'll try to remedy that. Alive - Pearl Jam : Stick Out Your Tongue - Elvis Costello & The Roots : as in getting stuck or jammed Lick It Up – KISS : the Pound is Sinking - Paul McCartney. : as in violence. Giving someone a licking or pounding
  18. Huh? I never said anything about this stuff. I've never even heard of Palmer or Kickstarter.
  19. The Pound is Sinking - Paul McCartney
  20. You bet. That's right on the money Jenn.
  21. Stick Out Your Tongue - Elvis Costello & The Roots
  22. Sorry Tim. Yes we say that here too. I choose to be literal. I have never had a guitar lesson (nor a music lesson). What you are hearing is the grown up realisation of some childhood impressions. Mostly of a small boy watching Andre Segovia play Bach on a small black & white TV.
  23. A composition begun 30+ years ago that morphed into many different ideas, most purged & lost. This is the 1st 'final' recording now that it is 98% set in stone. I thought it suited the theme of rain well, so that's the visual pairing here. Just finished the video
  24. mostly in Portsmouth
  25. Rob, I've been surprised & delighted with the response to this. The video, though creative in itself, was in part to help keep people's attention on this fairly long piece. I had no idea that family, friends, musicians & strangers would react so positively. I had one negative response from Matt, my former bandmate from Vinyl Frontiers. I was grateful to him for his honesty. I mean that seriously. I value that response. As a friend & musician your endorsement means a lot to me too. Its my default position to deny pride in what I do. Its how I would prefer to be. The fact is that this is my most technically demanding set piece and its been forever in the making. So yes, I confess to being proud this one time only! Thank you mate. Mahesh, Steve, thanks for the kind words guys.