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  1. Making Music Spiritual Again

    I didnt know that. I know he liked to 'keep occupied' on stage (to keep thinking). I suppose the nerves vanished once he got focused on the music at hand.
  2. My Name Is David

    Your lucky they care about your a** mate!
  3. Making Music Spiritual Again

    By designed I assume you mean genetic. Playing music and playing music to the public are both examples of performance. They are usually very different though. I think it unlikely that either are genetic. I've known (and experienced) dreadful nerves before playing in public. Most of us get used to it after a while. The people that are entirely without nerves are often glib performers. It helps to have a mild case of butterflies just to keep you sharp. Playing in public teaches you how to connect to people. Playing for your own self only is a whole different reading. Playing in the studio is different again. Jerry Garcia said that working in the studio is like building a ship in a bottle, and that playing live is like being in a rowboat on the ocean. I happen to concur with that view.
  4. Making Music Spiritual Again

    I can understand this. I have to try to work reasonably quickly, or I will lose the zest to perform. If I did 100 takes, the last 90 might be workmanlike, but without feeling. Of course some people can sound passionate because they use sobs and such as part of their technique. Its false, but can be very effective nevertheless.
  5. David Crosby said that the most important part of songs was the tale telling
  6. Do you believe in talent?

    Well never having any tuition, I learned everything 'wrong' too but there is always a way forward. I understand that you lack discipline/drive but that cant extend into music making because you are doing it. Voice & guitar practice are just the means of preparing to make music, so you should at least try some remedial practice. What have you got to lose? If you take the trouble to learn lyrics & chord patterns then you can do the other things too I had to relearn playing guitar without the use of my left thumb (osteoarthritis) after 44 years of playing using that thumb extensively. I may have to relearn finger-picking without my right thumb (less severe osteoarthritis) in future. Oddly, I never had to figure out any new techniques (so far anyway) because the body's natural aversion to pain made me do things differently automatically. The next thing you know, I'm playing without the use of the thumb at all. All it took was continued playing. What I'm really saying is that the drive to create music should be able to manage your perceived weaknesses. Some of these things are pretty easy to fix anyway.
  7. Do you believe in talent?

    I thought you were joking before! Wow, that just sounds so arrogant
  8. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    I preferred your version man.
  9. Do you believe in talent?

    Well Jenn does of course add her definitions, which supports what we both said, BUT... those definitions are personal to her. I cant honestly accept them prima facie.
  10. Video Critique

    I thought you had answered your own question when you mentioned showcase, but I suppose you meant WIP video? anyway http://forums.songstuff.com/forum/167-videos/
  11. Do you believe in talent?

    I'm with Tom on this. I understand his frustration at the literal and common usage interpretations of 'Talent'. Common usage of the word talent has come to embrace spooky elements. To some its become synonymous with the term 'gifted' which is (IMO) an archaic and clumsy. Talent: An empirical example. An athlete is described as talented. This athlete is a middle distance runner. One day she suffers an accident & has a leg amputated. The loss the limb has deprived her of her talent. Talent: A non-empirical example. An opera singer might be described as 'naturally' talented. Does the talent originate from genetics (Samnite) or culture (Italian) or is it supernatural (god-given)? We don't know. Bottom line: Jenn asked My answer is please rethink the question because 'talent' and 'skill' can be synonymous. ie: there is no difference. Most people understood what she meant but I'm havng trouble with it. I think she means Innate ability vs hard work, but I could easily be wrong. However I do have intuition. Example: When Pahchisme Plaid compared Mick Jagger with Queen, my intuition told me she really meant Freddie Mercury instead of Queen. Though its an unlikely possibility that she might be A/ Comparing Jagger to the whole band or B/ Comparing Jagger to HRH Elizabeth II Language is always changing and we can usually tell when people use words in a different way.

  13. Brand Identity

    Its something about the build that gives that sound Tom. I love the Fender sound. The bolt on neck maybe part of it? Its not only the pickups. I put low output single coils onto the Esprit hoping for a Fender sound. Failed! It sounds great, but it doesnt sound like a Fender.
  14. Brand Identity

    This is a good thing to talk about. We each get to where we are musically with a different impetus, even though we might end up at the same place. When I tried a Telecaster Thinline (for the first time) last year. I loved the sound. It was mellow, would have been excellent for jazz of course. I rejected it quickly though because the E strings are too close to the edge of the fretboard. This was a problem when I used a strat, though in my case I think the maple neck made it worse in that respect. Its a design feature that I know I couldnt overcome.
  15. Poppa's got a brand new bag...

    No. Your looking at what I said inside out & back to front. Every way but the straightforwards way I intended. First of all. I am not criticizing anybody. Secondly. When you quoted me you missed out the qualifying line. Which was I was saying that the culture you identify with is : 1/ not a youth culture 2/ appears to be unique So when you say You are answering outside of the context I used. That metal, heavy metal. and all the sub genres that I dont understand originated as PART of youth culture is not pertinent now. When I first saw Deep Purple in 1970 nobody dressed the way you describe there. We were mostly all still hippies. We dressed just the same at a Bert Jansch concert. I dont know metal culture anywhere near as well as you do Rob. Nor have I seen the documentary. Maybe I dont need to see the documentary. I was there at the onset after all. Now please relax. I've got a life to lead and I'd like to get on with it. I hope we are straight now.
  16. Poppa's got a brand new bag...

    Not sure I understand your confusion either Rob. I was saying that the culture you identify with is : 1/ not a youth culture 2/ appears to be unique
  17. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    I just read this from the 'Persona' thread by Pahchisme Plaid. Well I dreamed of being here on songstuff and hearing an excellent recording of 'Popcorn' played by Tapper Mike. He played it on a Fender guitar which sounded exactly like a chicken. I awoke determined to try and get the chicken sound, and incorporate it into something of mine.
  18. Brand Identity

    Good question. I am not brand loyal. Yesterday my son turned up with a guitar that was given to him. He wants to start learning now at 35 years of age. He has never heard of Gibson. He has heard of Fender, possibly because I played one for so long. This included his childhood. So the public are likely to be very unaware of stuff we take for granted. Brands and models included. I want it to be understood that I dont play to musicians. I usually have no idea who anyone is in an audience. They may be musicians. I dont kow, I dont care. After pretty much exclusively gigging a Japanese guitar for 20 years, I now use one of 6 that I've collected over the last 3 years. 3 of them are American. 2 of them are Korean. 1 is Chinese. So the USA ones are expensive (to me anyway) and the others are cheap. I've upgraded hardware on two of the cheapies. They are now all equal in my estimation. At different times I may favour one over the others. Presently I have been using the Squier Esprit (Korean) for the last 18 days or so. I'm trying out a new brand of strings on it together with a new pick that I designed & made. In some ways I prefer to use a cheap guitar at gigs because when I use the Les Paul, guitarists come and speak to me about it. So maybe I'm unsociable, but its nearly always after a gig when I'm tying to pack away gear and they are drunk. For most of my playing career I have been very ignorant of guitars. I knew how to play them, but I knew next to nothing about them at all. I now know a fair amount about brands, models and history. This has not made me a better guitarist. It has made me buy more guitars.

  20. Poppa's got a brand new bag...

    No. But its curious that you do, because clearly the culture that you share is no longer a youth culture. Its not even a frozen youth culture because it has developed beyond that. Yes I know people that dress as you describe and are part of a loose peer community. Its seems to be singular. The former bassist from Blown Out was into mod/ska culture. He bought scooters to renovate & sell, always keeping back 1 or 2 for himself. He wore t-shirts with RAF roundels on them. He wanted the band to go this way I think also, because we played some of that music. Unlike yours, this is an old youth culture. My own sense of style is volatile. When my hair loss reached a certain low bar, I cut it off and started wearing hats for practical reasons (heat loss in winter. sun protection in summer). I wore all sorts of hats before settling on pork pies. I just thought they looked great. I had to order the first few from the USA. I have never seen anyone else in the UK wear one of these ever. So I do not knowingly conform to a peer precedent.
  21. What Are You Listening To Right Now ? This is supposed to be about music. If you are not listening right now, then you can say ‘nothing’. You might be hearing traffic, or the complaining of your spouse, but are you listening to it? Americans: This is not an excuse to list every artist, band you ever heard since you were 7 years old. Unless you are a genius like Charles Ives, you are not actively listening to more than one piece of music at a time. Am I guilty of national stereotyping here? The answer is yes. I wonder why that is? Ideas: 1/ It would be pretty good if you were listening to a Songstuff artist. 2/ If you can listen to the contents of your head without any music playing. That’s ok, but say so. 3/ You can listen to yourself, if you are unbearably vain. I am listening to Void by BrainClaim (SS member) https://soundcloud.com/brain-claim
  22. Logo Ideas

    Good ideas!
  23. It sure is. My WIP is Nietzsche's Yard. Its in 5/4 and goes "didit-dang-diddee-dahhhh, didit-dang-didee-didit-didit-didit"
  24. John Moxey

    wow! Nice set up John
  25. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    The guitar lutherie option might be great option for you Mike. This fellow does pretty much just that http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/sam_deek?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 I was close to buying one of his 'oakcasters' at one time, but he began solely by making average guitars into very playable ones. He seems to do ok at it. He has made a lot of videos of the guitar 'transformations' in his workshop. I suspect that his vids and blogs help a lot, because people can see exactly what he does & know what to expect. Now I have retired (3 weeks now) I expect to do something beyond simple setups myself. I have collected a few tools such as fret dressing files and a notched straightedge. What I really need is a workshop. I usually use a spare bedroom.