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  1. Hahaha very good, I didn't even notice that
  2. Hiya, cheers for the feedback I know the song doesn't really gather momentum at any point but I'll give that a go next time. Can any of you suggest a good midi keyboard? I haven't got Logic 10 yet because my macbook can barely cope with logic 9 haha, i cant record without the fans going wild, i really should take it in before my applecare runs out...
  3. here is something a bit different from me. I only used logic's software instruments instead of live ones for a change, it was really fun to do actually. all your comments are most welcome https://soundcloud.com/rachel_coburn/tranquilize
  4. Hi rick, Thanks so much for doing this! Can you leave it up for a couple of days so I can have a proper listen when I'm off work? I really like what you've done with it, especially towards the end, it made me shiver! Rachel
  5. Hi folks, I recorded a wee instrumental thing today, it's pretty short but i'd love your thoughts and any ideas for development much love
  6. thanks a lot guys after a couple of extra listens myself - it's totally different going back to it after a few hours break - I can see what needs changed. sometimes my voice is wanting to go to a chord that differs from what the piano's doing (i recorded the piano first then mucked about til i found something i liked with the vocals). I'll get it sorted before i go into the studio in september (so excited about that ). cheers again
  7. hello you lovely people, I had a go at writing a wee lullaby type thing today. go on and have a listen and get back to me on whether it sent you to sleep Though the day is long And it’ll soon be dawn It’s okay to sleep now Rest your head float away it’s okay How we all will time to pass Just to try and claw it back Lull your head and sleep You’re safe now To dream Be serene And sleep
  8. that is my dad's name!!
  9. hahahahah, oh dear. I actually had my named changed by deed poll a couple of months ago (i couldnt be bothered with the excruciating jokes that i'd heard a million times before!) but for some reason it won't let me change it on this forum! so that's why i go by 'Coburn' on soundcloud, and everywhere else for that matter. I'm sure there is a death metal band out there with a similar name though haha... cheers for your suggestions though, hobo i thought your advice was pretty sound BUT i still find my name (even the updated version) to be a bit boring, it doesn't really flow...
  10. "your heart's a thousand colours but they're all shades of blue" Gregory Alan Isakov - Dreams on a Windowsill
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking for a wee bit help here. I'm due to go into the studio in September to record a few songs and hopefully release and EP afterwards, but I really can't think of a name for myself! My own name is a bit guff, so I won't be using that. I'm looking for something that matches my sound, so nothing like "death avenger" or "fluffy fairykins" haha.. here's a link to my soundcloud if you'd like a listen, and if any ideas spring to mind then please do share them because I'm at a loss here! https://soundcloud.com/rachel_coburn Cheers Rachel
  12. Hellooo! thanks for all your comments, and that (fairly heated) debate that was going on up there. To clear things up - I'm not trying to sound like Enya, and I'm not trying not to sound like Enya. I fire loads of reverb on my voice because I know it can get a little shaky and sound off key at times (it really just won't do as i tell it) and the reverb helps even that out, and I also think it kinda suits the type of music I've been drawn to write. Peksi - I would LOVE all of that cool equipment that would help me get the best sound possible, but i'm poor haha. Fortunately I acquired my piano through family. It's also really annoying when recording that my bedroom is right next to a busy road, but I do what I can. If you have any advice then I'd love to hear it! I envision a beautiful future where I have my own soundproof room decorated with instruments and recording equipment...a girl can dream As for my use of the word 'abductee', I didn't put that in there for the sake of using an unusual word or for the sake of a rhyme. Without going into too much detail, I feel like life has abducted my grandpa from life itself, if that makes any sense at all. I appreciate that it may not be the most pleasing sounding word, but I felt that it was appropriate for the meaning of this song, and for that reason I won't be changing it. Thanks so much for all of your feedback though, it has been an interesting and informative read as always! Rachel
  13. Thanks folks, & I appreciate your kind wishes. Hobo - it is in fact a cheese and turkey toastie, don't ask how it got there haha
  14. Hi folks, hope all is well. I wrote a wee song yesterday and any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated as always! To give the lyrics a little more clarity: I wrote this about my grandfather who is very ill at the moment. The verses are supposed to be from my perspective and the chorus from his. https://soundcloud.com/rachel_coburn/lifes-abductee Hope you enjoy! Don’t let go just yet You dare No matter where I am, You’re there What has happened to me? I once was so free life’s abductee I disappear Since birth you carried me You care It’s my turn so please let me Be there What has happened to me? I once was so free Life’s abductee I disappear What has happened to me? I once was so free & now it all becomes clear I disappear
  15. I just realised I listened to the wrong song... I was actually writing about Sadie Jones haha! I've gone on to listen to 'alright now' though and I'm digging it too