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  1. Hey Similar to the word association game thread, only sticking to song titles. When you post the title, also post the name of the artist. A starter for 10... Tracks of my Tears - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Cheers John [finally fixed typo]JN
  2. From the album Music Memes

    I am my own experiment, My own work of art.
  3. From the album Music Memes

    It is during a storm that the best songs get written
  4. From the album Music Memes

    Songs are dangerous, songs are subversive and can change your life.
  5. From the album Music Memes

    Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence
  6. From the album Music Memes

    Music isn't just heard, it is felt
  7. From the album Music Memes

    Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness
  8. From the album Music Memes

    I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams
  9. How does Songstuff help you? Or how has it helped you in the past? Please share your story. It is useful for members considering joining Songstuff to know if members find it helpful to be active members, and if so, how. Is it purely with writing music? Recording and production? What about marketing and promotion? In any other way, such as personal support? Was it site staff, or fellow community members? Please go into as much detail as you can. Thanks!
  10. Hi Sorry it's an old topic that the feature was removed. We should be re-adding something similar soon. I'll close the topic for now. Thanks!
  11. Please add your location to our new member map! Click on the following link, add your address, town, city, country and ok Songstuff Member Map It accepts zip / post codes, street and city names Please do not introduce yourself below. Please use the "actual" Introduce Yourself Board to "Start A New Topic" Thankyou, SongStuff
  12. From the album Music Memes

    Song writing is a bitch. and then it has puppies
  13. From the album Music Memes

    Music can change the world because it can change people
  14. From the album Music Memes

    Music is the strongest form of magic
  15. From the album Music Memes

    The way I choose to show my feelings is through my songs
  16. From the album Music Memes

    When you make music, or write or create, it's really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you are writing about at the time.
  17. From the album Music Memes

    Words make you think. music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought
  18. From the album Music Memes

    If you do not breath through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it
  19. We recently introduced the "Member Hub", a place to pull together a whole host of useful stuff for our members. The main hub page itself includes: The latest Songstuff Stuff site blog entries. Access to the latest Member Articles (new feature!) The latest topics from our Showcase board The latest images The latest Lyrics critique posts The latest song critique posts Who's online and a selection of community info Latest community blog entries Member Birthdays and that's just on one page! The hub itself gives you access to: Member Articles Music Tools (Music theory tools) Rhyming dictionary Music Industry News (Billboard, ASCAP, BMI, Sound Exchange, PPL, SESAC etc) More... We are evolving and improving the member hub to better support your needs. Your feedback is not only welcome, it is an important factor in how we develop the Member Hub and the features it provides access to.
  20. From the album Site Stuff

    A mind map showing the layout of the community side of Songstuff.
  21. From the album Banners

    Songstuff Lyrics Critique board
  22. "You Rocked The Country" by Amy Abernathy, @ames1212 Amy's piece was selected as the closest to the initial challenge brief. Well done Amy and congratulations! Read Amy's entry and an interview with her by following the link below: Ballad Challenge #1 Winner Amy Abernathy To everyone else who took part, many many thanks for getting involved. There were some great lyrics contributed, covering a range of genres. It was great to see your lyrics evolve, trying to meet the initial brief and in some cases writing in ballad snog form for the first time.... Some songs evolved into quite different songs from how they started!
  23. Hi Robin Welcome to Songstuff Good to have you aboard. Cheers John
  24. until
    AIM Members, please sign in and click here for your discount information. (You must be signed in to view) Member Ticket Price (till end of March) €90 / Standard Ticket Price €150 Music Cork is about creating a unique opportunity in Ireland to listen to the best industry professionals talk about their work and experiences, see the best new talent perform and enjoy plenty of opportunities to network with speakers and delegates over 3 days of intimate social gatherings and shows, all in the most fun and friendly city in Ireland.
  25. until
    AIM Members, please email tyler@anrworldwide.com to claim your 10% discount off the standard price. Standard Ticket Price - $609 USD MUSEXPO will return for the 13th edition of its flagship Los Angeles event to the W Hotel Hollywood from April 30th – 3rd of May 2017. MUSEXPO has also unveiled a revamp to the event’s programming including a special focus on India, a unique approach to synchronization with a “Meet The Directors” focus, brands engagement, and the new world of synch (within film, TV, on-demand, mobile, gaming, VR and more), as well as further, exclusive face-to-face opportunities with industry leaders from all aspects of the music-related business.