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  1. For sure... start a new topic on any of these interest. Here's another link that you might want to check out. I just update my Protools (2024.3.1) and there are 37 included apps & plugins updates and redeems .. oh my!!
  2. I'd like to see more members "feeding ideas" into our community with new music topics and engagement that reflect opinions, skills, struggles, successes, experiences, advice, questions, ideas, inspirations, business, industry, etc.
  3. re: "Mostly laying down single tracks in a multi-track recoding except for live recordings. That would be input for vocals, 2 guitars or guitar and bass." Sorry, that's a confusing response I've given above. I'm talking about in my studio and the inputs/outputs. The number of tracks I record at a time varies. Sometimes one track at a time, 1 guitar, 1 vocal etc. Sometimes I record multi-tracks at a time (I called that live) .. example: Vocal and guitar, 2 guitars, guitar and bass, 2 vocals, etc. Yes, there's drums and percussion on my songs.. but mostly those tracks are Midi generated, sampled, etc.
  4. Mostly laying down single tracks in a mutitrack recoding except for live recordings. That would be input for vocals, 2 guitars or guitar and bass.
  5. I use the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 and have no complaints.
  6. This is so true for me, too. It comes down to time management of responsibilities, family time and free time.
  7. Welcome to Songstuff, Nathan!
  8. HI Kristie, Welcome to Songstuff! A couple of links you might be interested in: https://forums.songstuff.com/forum/224-lyric-critique/ https://forums.songstuff.com/forum/218-song-critique/ Just ask, if you have any questions? Nice to have you on the boards. Peggy
  9. Welcome to Songstuff! Here's a link if you're interested in the Lyric Critique board: https://forums.songstuff.com/forum/224-lyric-critique/ Nice to have you around. Peggy
  10. Welcome to Songstuff, Auburn! Nice to have you around.
  11. Thanks! Those are some good thing to add in describing what influences a Listener . 1. Moods - The purpose (to lift or lower mood, to enthuse, to humor, to add drama, to calm, to arouse, to get excited etc.) 2. Seasons and special days (holidays, weddings etc.) - To remember (a person, a place, a time etc.) - To evocate emotional response to environmental influences (time of year, weather, common celebration periods, etc.) 3. Daily Activities (working out, relaxing, wake up and sleeping, studying, driving etc.) - To regulate (tempo, such as marches, for exercise repetitions)
  12. I'm always interested in how artists maneuver through the music industry with their releases. What do you think influences listener's when deciding what music they chose? And .. the music they purchase??? A few factors I can think of are: (Can you think of others?) - Moods - Seasons and special days (holidays, weddings etc.) - Daily Activities (working out, relaxing, studying, driving etc.) - Pop Culture - Genre - Visual - Age - Fan What factors of influence do you use to reach current listeners and those that are new to your music?
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