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  1. John, your advice has been priceless. Many of the things you mentioned I already do or have done. One of my main problems is; I get to many things going on in my head at once and so it make my learning process kind of slow and a bit disjointed. I try to practice every day even if I can only get in 10 or 15 minutes. When I first started I would practice 2-4 hours a day (after my fingertips got calloused). That was 24/7. Now I actually give myself a day or two 'off' each week. Again, thank you for the advice, I truly appreciate it.
  2. Thank you. I know you are quite right about lessons with a teach sitting there with me. I have entered the realm of the elderly and as so I have a limited income. I would love to have lessons but alas, I will just plug along the way I have been. I do have a feeling that it will all make sense in time. Verna
  3. I think I understand the basics; The lines are the strings E-A-D-G-B-e; The numbers are the frets to be played; if the numbers are placed in a vertical line, it is a chord. Now, that one really throws me. When I have tried to play a song with tabs but a three minute song could be an hour long when I play. I don't at all understand what measures are and think that my lack of music theory is probably the reason for that and a lot of other problems I'm encountering. I sure appreciate your help. Thanks!
  4. John, You are partly right I think because I have had timing trouble with songs that I'm unfamiliar with. Other than that, it all seem like a bunch of numbers and lines, letters and curly cues. I look at it and just seem to go brain dead.
  5. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I have a slight problem; no matter how much i read about tabs or how much I have had it explained to me (on you tube) I DON'T GET IT! (yes I just hollered that) I find it so frustrating. It seems almost like people have many different ways of doing it (writing tabs). Well shucks, I'll just write my own that make sense to me. The trouble there is I still can't read anyone elses tabs. Is there a super simple way of learning this??????????
  6. Hello fellow music lovers. My name is Verna and am 70 y.o. My birthday wish was to learn to play the guitar. I started about a year ago and am learning by using YouTube and other great sites on the web. This site seemed like it will help me on my musical journey.
  7. I am a new guitar "learner" and an old dog. Why is it so difficult to play and sing at the same time?