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  1. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, just been really busy.
  2. Sorry about that, I've placed a totally new recording of the song on this now, and even put a bridge in.
  3. That's my kind of music, I thought I was back in the brit pop period or the back end of it anyway. The only think I noticed about this song, before you go into the lead solo, when you say 'Lonely ones' I would try and change the octave up by shouting it, then the lead solo comes in, it gives that emotion before the Very fitting and well played solo hits the song, then maybe change the last chorus up an octave to keep a hold of that emotion until the end of the song. I think the lyrics are good, the music's great, the symbols clashes at the end don't seem to work or they're out of time slightly. But apart from that and the bit before the lead solo I think you've got a great song.
  4. I really enjoyed this, the music is brilliant, and the que between instrument's is perfect, I think the only improvement I would make, not that I would, is to change the melody up slightly or have the instruments playing at a certain point, I was taken on a journey, bit wanted that journey to go to another place so far through. But was still happy on the journey I was on, if that makes sense, good work.
  5. Here's the updated version of Crime to commit, put a bridge in, and even changed one of the verses melodies.
  6. Im not that into folk music but the first place I ever played was a folk and acoustic night, and the music's proper grown on me. I think it's got a really good feel to it, love the way it calms down at the end of the chorus, and you've got a really good country and western voice. There's a point to it as well. Don't think there's anything I would change about this song the music, structure and lyrically.
  7. I liked the sound of that song, I feel a bit of Muse inspiration, but sounds really original and up to date with modern music. Well written lyrics and melody.
  8. I loved listening to this, it's got that 80s retro sort of feel to it, it's definitely inspired by that sort of era and I think that sort of music is definitely coming back in. I think the lyrics are definitely well written, and the music is fitting to the lyrics or vise versa.
  9. Yeah that's what I generally do, but normally it's because I'm writing songs late at night and my neighbours wouldn't appreciate me singing ha! The reason I ask is, nearly every song I've written in my head and then practiced singing during the day (when I can be loud) feels like my voice is stuck down in my throat when I'm singing, it sounds like you've got a really nice tone, but my theory is, when we write songs in our heads, our imagination thinks we can sing in exceptionally high, when we go to actually sing it we sing it in a lower octave. I bet if you put the music up by 1 or 2 octaves it pushes your voice into a more comfortable position,. Just my theory on the vocal stand point.
  10. The lyrics are well written, I like the music, did you write the song in your head and imagine how you would sing it, or did you sing it while you were writing it? Sounds like a daft question but there's a method to my madness.
  11. I definitely like this, instrumental's are not normally my thing, but yeah definitely love this. Tuning? Sometimes it's the imperfections that make things perfect.
  12. Hi I'm not going to tell anyone what this was written about for personal reasons, and for the critic to make a judgement based in the song without any pre discussed meaning. This is Train: (Verse 1) So it is what it is, he's leaving this life on the train that won't return, But he's leaving this life, so that he can learn, What's on the other side. He's packing his case, now he's down the road, Passed by the field, he could feel the cold, Not the way he wanted to go, but now the tickets sold. (Chorus) It's loosened by the wind and rain, Cracked foundations of life, Are driving you insane, So sad you had to go, A better life, only you could know. It's beating down hard on memory lane, Wrapped life in a bag, and away he goes again, goodbye my friend, thought you'd last until they end. (Verse 2) So times are hard, and he's weakened by having a hole heart, but why did he have to part, So much more to life he could bring. Times a healer, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you've gotta dust yourself off, and never give in, to late for you my friend. (Chorus) So it is what it is, a year has passed, the train leaves again, will it ever come back, until next year, they leave that thought behind, One last glanse at the train that won't return. (Chorus) Thanks in advance!
  13. No I think the song was very good, just the intro may be better off being replaced with something else. It's really good I liked it.
  14. Cheers, yeah it's not the best for all the vocal timing, but it will be, thanks it's a definite compliment to eventure be compared to a likeness of Oasis.
  15. I'll take that all into account, maybe stick something else on top of what I've got change things up a bit. It was actually written about my Brothers divorce (got to get inspiration from where you can lol.) The verses where explaining about my brothers unfortunate divorce about him finding a way out. The chorus was about her changing into a scorned women, suppose like Noel said, there was no Sally the lyrics just went together.