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  1. thank you! i'll leave it like that for now, maybe for a live show in future I would add vocals... ableton live is great, so much to discover - specially combined with a push.
  2. Hey Will Thanks for taking your time to listen - and for your feedback, You're right, It is a bit repetitive. The details are more hidden in the beat than in the "song" itself... cheers Theo
  3. Hey Dek Thanks a lot for your words, sure that helps! Actually I wanted it to be repetitive and not too much happening. It can get too much quickly... I find it difficult to find the dose of new elements coming in - often i put too much and then i'm wiping off half of the stuff again but maye I could have told the same story in 3 insted of 5 minutes.. cheers - theo
  4. hey, thanks. it was actually a soundcloud link, just with a "name" i changed it.. theo
  5. dear songwriter family this is actually the first tune without featuring my favourite singer to work with - there are no vocals on this oneI made this track to learn ableton live. and it worked, i learned a lot my concern about this song is - is it too repetitive? too simple? working all alone on a tune is more challenging than if you collab with someone - so feedback is very welcome! https://soundcloud.com/cto-7/cto-desert-trail thanks in advance theo
  6. hey yves Cool, sure the song works. maybe a bit long for a recording, but for live it's fine. I hear some intonation issues with the singer and the violins - but i'm quite picky there Violins could stand out a bit more in the mix - but it's also the nature of things that a violin is softer than a rock band... keep it up! theo
  7. Hey Ives Thanks so much! I'm also a big Massive Attack fan You're also Swiss, where from? See you! Theo
  8. nice confusing song maybe you can use some of my mix advices the wah clavinet is a bit harsh for my taste, the bd overall a bit to big (or hitten to hard, specially at 1:40 in the you clould lower the midi velocity a bit) the overall compression/limiting is a bit limit and this makes the song somtimes clipping (2:40) - I think the song would live more with more dynamics. you could leave the reverb tail in the end, wouldn't make to song to end so aprupt. generally the bass could support a bit more the song for my tase but as always - it's a matter of taste just my 5 cent keep it up!
  9. Hey ImKeN Thanks for your feedback, i'll consider that when i'll mix the song again in future
  10. Hi Jenn Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Someone told me she hears Morcheeba in here - funny as I listened a lot to Moorcheba when I was young but completely forgot about this great band
  11. Dear forum members thanks so much for all your feedback on the last tune (plasm), lots of ideas and suggestions i got from different forums made it into the new tune... so here it is, i hope you find it as sparkin' as i do! https://soundcloud.com/cto-7/cto-feat-sibyl-hofstetter-shes-got-that-sparkle feedback is highly appreciated! thanks for checking it out <3 theo
  12. Hey Dennis Nice how the song develops instrumentally, but there's something odd with the recording of the vocals, even if it's a 'relaxing' song, they could be more 'in your face' by comparing the levels of your voice i noticed a huge difference in the beginning and the end. for my taste you use much too much auto tune.. actually you didn't ask for production feedback, but that's what i'm hearing... nice song, keep it up! cto
  13. hey why don't you post a link to your track? cto
  14. hey ct sounds cool! i'm not a big fan of robotic voices but that's a matter of taste. well produced! but for my taste the song could go somewhere else or breakdown for a while and be a bit longer. keep up the good work! cheers - cto
  15. thanks! more coming soon, next tuesday we record again <3 maybe thursday it will be ready