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  1. Hi I have received lyrics for this song - when it's fully finished in production/recording I will share it. Thank you :). But I probably will need more helps on lyrics in English in the future!
  2. I have one of my song writing done and recorded - and its lyric is Chinese. I wonder if someone can help to write English lyrics using the same music, if someone can help, with your permission I can then record this song again with your new English lyrics. The Chinese version is recorded here: https://soundcloud.com/ruiqi-wang-29793616/that-day-ruiqi-wang The backing track with no vocal is here: 1. Multi-instruments backing track: https://soundcloud.com/ruiqi-wang-29793616/that-dayno-vocal-backing-track 2. Pure piano backing track: https://soundcloud.com/ruiqi-wang-29793616/that-day-no-vocal-backing-track-piano-accompaniment The translation of this Chinese lyric is under this piano solo version of the song's comment section: https://soundcloud.com/ruiqi-wang-29793616/piano-solo-that-day If you are interested in helping to write English lyrics for it, the original Chinese lyrics is offered above for reference, but they do not have to be the same in meaning at all! Thanks in advance!