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  1. Thanks again. I guess I should convey meanings better. Though it suits me perfectly (says he is comfortable with darkness) It's a fake comfort after all(he knows this comfort is fake/he secretly hates this comfort ) . The idea is, though he looks apparently comfortable in the darkness, he is not and he secretly misses the light. In the chorus,his darkness isn't about loss,rather it is the darkness which made him lose it all (according to me) . But then again, I like to give the liberty for individual interpretations. Guess I should try harder to get my meanings across. Anyway thanks a bunch___ND
  2. Ha ha thank you Lisa. I was a little worried about addressing 'light' that way but it just came with the flow. My style is sort of poetic alright, I shouldn't be surprised that you found out. 'Hoping to reach the light' could have been a better title but since it was a challenge for opposites I thought I should include darkness in it( the title). By the way, I loved your lyrics . Even though it's something like a lament of an old person,I felt the whole atmosphere in it sort of vibrant and this I very much liked. Please feel free to give me more feedback and advice. Hoping to learn from you__ND
  3. Thanks a lot for for the feedback. You have a point there, of my being non specific. But I was thinking especially when it comes to darkness and light most people have their own individual ideas. So doesn't being non specific help the listener relate better to the lines? That is letting each person fill in the 'why'. I agree with you that I should use more metaphor. And thanks for welcoming me here. I'll look forward to your lyrics.😊___ND
  4. In the dark missing the light How long has it been my staying in the dark Though it suits me perfectly It’s a fake comfort after all, and somewhere deep down I miss the light Oh light where are you? Your warmth I’ve forgotten I am still in the dark I am blind but I move on It seems I’ve lost it all And though I trip and fall I move on in the darkness hoping to reach the light. How they tell me that I fit in here in the dark hiding myself hiding my all I myself cannot see what has become of me But I can’t be here forever I need to get up and go. I long for the light, and hope it will take me back. It seems I’ve lost it all And though I trip and fall I move on in the darkness Hoping to reach the light.