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Bringer of eternal Space

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  1. @ImKeN Thank you, we really appreciate that!
  2. @HoboSage To be honest, that doesn't have deeper meaning. We just thought that it looks betterthis way haha. But thanks for telling your opinion about our songs, we appreciate that!
  3. Thanks for your feedback, and yes it should have been a song haha. We will try to improve the things you mentioned !
  4. First of all, thank you for that feedback, we really appreciate it that you took your time to give us such a good feedback. We will definitely try to improve the things you mentioned. Relating to the sound we are aiming for, to be honest, we don't have an exact idea of what we want to do. What's sure is, that we want to create a sound on our own, like our own sound. We don't want that people who listen to this say that " hey these guys sound just like the chainsmokers" (or someone else). When we produce a song, we have an idea in our mind, and try to make something out of it. As you see, these to songs are not really similar to each other. We don't really want to stick to a typical style of music or genre, we want to bring variation from song to song. But again, thank you for that feedback, it's really nice to hear something from someone, who really listened to the music, with that we can (hopefully) improve
  5. That song is quite good! I really like the synths and the singing! But in my opinion, the drums are way too far in the background. In the chorus, especially the snare would sound really good with some reverb on it and the kick could get louder (maybe even some reverb too). I don't know how to explain it right but, with the reverb on the drums it would get bigger in total. ( i hope you get what i mean )
  6. This is really nice, especially the synth at 0:45 - 1:00 ( I think). This synth reminded me really of these synths from the 80s and I really like that. The synths and all the melodic elements are nice. The drums though, in my opinion would have needed some reverb. I think then the whole thing would have gotten sort of bigger (I don't know how to explain it good I'm sorry I hope you understand what i mean haha). Because of that, I think it would have been better doing the drums on your own so you could have put some effects on em. But all in all, i really enjoyed listening to this, well done !
  7. Hey guys, we just wanted to show you two of our songs. We would really appreciate it if you listen to the songs and tell us what you think about them. Just tell us if you like it or not, and what we should improve or change in your opinion. Thank you all and have a nice day! Timetravelling Bartender: Central Eternal Intelligence [CEI]:
  8. Hi guys, we are the "Bringer of eternal Space". We started making music for fun and wanted to do some type of techno, but in our very own way. Now, we are doing every kind of electronic music we want to. We have some songs which can't fit into a specific genre, a kind of electro swing song and hardstyle. At first, our songs were crap, but now its getting better. Have a nice day, Bringer of eternal space