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  1. I have no problem with musicians protesting. I just don’t listen, because they protest from a perch. Musicians calling for censorship is the height of hipocrisy.
  2. John - no apology necessary. It was very well done on a subject that needs to be kept on the front page.
  3. John - nice job. I usually get turned off by political songs. The last 2 decades have worn on me, but you have done a nice job of skirting the political and emphasizing the tragedy and the futility.
  4. I would say The Whos 'Quadrophenia' is a masterpiece. Definitely my favorite album.
  5. My bad. I play that song and I really never did or apparently Even listened to the last verse. I may have been trying to stir the pot to liven things up also.
  6. I stand corrected on the lyrics. You are correct. I beg your pardon.
  7. I believe your lyrics are.....fake news, and they did not write the song.
  8. It does not exist anymore, but JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. I seen my first concert there, J. Geils, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Peter Frampton in 77', and many other great shows after.
  9. John- I like this. The arpeggiated part, it isn’t the notes, or the chordal tones, but I think the cadence of it, reminded me slightly of The Who’s Love Reign O’re Me. I wouldn’t change a thing. Many songs put to mind others, Chuck Berry or Bo Diddley rhythms have been and still are used constantly. How many songs do you hear reminds you of someone trying channel Whitney Houston? Nice song, it really sets a mood. I can see it as the sound track for some solemn movie scene, with the middle section building some type of temporary immediacy for the subject. Nicely done.
  10. No matter what you think of either party, calling to silence someone is censorship. NY is an artist, no artist should call for censoring. So I'm glad that Spotify didn't blink to Neil. I have loved a lot of his music over the years, but in most other aspect, imo he is an a..hole. The ultimatum was an elitist move. He has not been relevant on the political stage since 'Ohio'. Now he is just a rich man trying to bend people to his will. He heard something he didn't like and figured he had the clout to make it go away. It's the typical view of the liberal, all people have rights and freedoms, unless you don't agree with them. Then they want them silenced or erased. Neither party in this speaks for me. I can make my own decisions and I don't want the people who don't have my views silenced. i decide what I listen too. There is way to much misinformation on both sides of this coin.
  11. No real ambitions. Just the thrill of trying to see my idea become something I feel has some musical value, mostly to me, but it is nice to get a little validation from other like minded people, like the people on this site. It would also be nice to improve a little with each attempt. Self satisfaction I guess.
  12. Very good arrangement and performance. The arpeggios anchor the song well for the vibes on synth. I was expecting a little more of crescendo, but the way you took it home worked very nicely.
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