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  1. Should I have added more bass and low end?

    Thank you for the feedback Jenn I will keep that in mind and tone it down a bit
  2. Should I have added more bass and low end?

    Well the beat itself is a lofi/chill hop beat. Lo-fi music specifically lo-fi hip hop is meant to sound as if it's coming out of a older sound system that distorts the quality hence the crackling. It's a staple of the genre more or less. It's not meant to be a very musical track it's more so about the vibe, but perhaps vocals on it would remedy the repitiveness or I should have made it shorter. I figured the kick would be enough but i'll remember to add more bass for next time. Thank you for the feedback
  3. Hello everyone, I completed this song a few days ago but I am wondering if I did a myself a disservice by essentially leaving the low end pretty sparse and not having much bass content. Is it always necessary to have it? Any feedback is appreciated thank you
  4. Do you believe in talent?

    I definitely think natural born talent exists. Some people can sing naturally while others may need work. If talent didn't exist there wouldn't be child prodigy's who can play instruments at such phenomenally high level at such a young age. However, I think the old saying that hardwork beats talent when talent doesn't work hard speaks volumes. I think if you work hard enough at whatever it is you're trying to achieve you can easily surpass naturally talented people that have the same drive as you.
  5. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    I don't write lyrics I just make beats so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I enjoy songs the most when I know that artist really went through it. It makes them more relatable and easy to connect with and I think that is an important part of maintaining a fanbase
  6. hi from scotland

    Hello it's good to have you here I hope you enjoy yourself
  7. The vocal mixing is amazing typically i'm not a fan of autotune, but it worked with this and didn't make it any less enjoyable. The beat is clean and helps set the tone. Nothing bad to say about it I think you did a solid job considering this is your first time doing this
  8. Falling For You Beat

    Thank you I appreciate the feedback!
  9. Of course! I think it can still be considered a song if there are no vocals. Pretty much all classical music is instrumental and a lot of it is highly regarded as some of the best musical works in history
  10. New Hip-hop track looking for feedback

    I like the subject matter it's a breath of fresh air from what most rap is these days. So yeah i think the lyrics are great and I like the chorus. Nothing really to critique for me it's great espescailly since its your first solo track
  11. Hey everyone! This is a new track that I produced for some people that I've worked with before. I would love to get opinions on and crtique on it from the people on this forum because it's the best way for me to learn things and make improvements.
  12. Daily- Critique wanted

    Yeah I can't play guitar or any instrument for that matter so I have no choice but to use loops and samples. The person that used that loop added their own flare and style to it much like I did with the song so as long as it isn't a direct copy of what I did it's all good to me
  13. Falling For You

    I guess I've always had a less is more kind of approach when it comes to making beats. Plus i feel like when someone is recording on it i don't want to add too much, i want the singer to have the opportunity to add their own style it. I hear what you're saying though. If i was doinga purely instrumental track then I'd definitely add a lot more to it
  14. Falling For You

    Thank you again Will your feedback meant a lot on my last track so I'm glad you gave this one a listen as well. Like i said to Hobo i did eq out about 150hz from the rhodes, but i guess i could have done more. My music set up is pretty horrible i just have my laptop and and a pair of skull candy earbuds so a lot of things don't stick out to me when i mix.
  15. Falling For You

    This was a very intricate review of the track i appreicate walking me through your initial thoughts from the first listen. And I'm glad you're a fan of some of my other music. I actually did EQ a lot of the low end out of the Rhodes. Up to 150hz i believe, but perhaps i could have gone further. I took out the bell pad once the drums came in because i didn't want it to be repetitive. I could have kept them and built on them later like you suggested but i wanted to keep things simple. I made this beat with Jhene Aiko in mind (idk if you're familiar with her) and a lot of her tracks are on the simpler side so that's what i went with. And i changed up the drums for that section because a change im rhythm brings a freshness to the song. As far as the vocals and the reverb, the singer sent them to me like that so i couldn't really do much to change it.