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  1. About a month ago, I was talking with a friend who is now a very established composer/songwriter and we were talking about songs and lyrics. I had posted some stuff online that I had written and when he took a look at it, he immediately bought into it and wanted to write songs for the words. He created some rough musical pieces for two of my lyrics and pitched them to a singer his company was developing. She fell in love with them and asked that I write for her album. Now we are at the stage where we are signing contracts (so far just split agreements), and also getting to the point where they would like me to interview with a couple production agencies as well as a talent agency. My questions thus far have been limited to how do I make money off of this and what is the road looking like in the future. Not very good questions to bring to an interview I think. So I am putting this out to all of you. Since I don't know anything about the business or what happens behind the scenes, what can I expect, what kind of questions should I be asking, and what are fair share agreements? Also, what should I look out for and be cautious about? Please help me. I leave for California on Friday and would like to have a little information before I leave. Thank you in advance GreenLyricist