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  1. Fly With Me

    Very nice Mark, I would like it better without the "electronic yodeling", though. I'm not being a smart-ass, I don't know what it's called. But everything else is superb. I like the subject matter and it is a very clean recording and the reverb and/or echo fits well with the mood. Good vocals too. Nice job. Bob
  2. Nathanael's Song

    Thank you so much for the feedback Mark. I redid it this morning and the words have changed somewhat. It's a bit faster too. It is still at the same link though. I tend to play things slow when I first write them. That's what my wife tells me anyway. As far as the chord progression goes I thought it up and wrote it but There is nothing new under the sun and I'm sure you could find it in pieces in many other tunes. When I copy and paste my words and chords it moves the chords all to the left instead of keeping them directly over the sylables I originally put the over. I don't know a way around that and I apologise for it. Bob
  3. Nathanael's Song

    Sorry for not explaining. It's in my signature at bottom. Here is it,..very rough I am still tweaking the words and it is too slow but you get the general idea. I will change it as soon as I get the voice track done, maybe later today. I already recorded the guitar track. http://www.reverbnat...activate%3Dtrue This link brings you to my profile page. The music player is just below and to the right of my photograph. Bob
  4. Need Advice

    I think I found a low tech solution. I covered the sound hole on a new song/recording and it seems better. I will play with that and see what I can come up with. I don't like the idea of covering the sound hole but maybe a little less or more might do the trick. I put the new song (very rough) up on reverbnation if any want to listen to what happened to the resonance with the soundhole completely covered from the pick-up downward. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Bob
  5. Nathanael's Song

    This is very rough and will no doubt go through some changes, but I would like some comments/critiques. If any care to listen I put it up on reverbnation. Bob Nathanael's Song G, Bm, Em, G, C, Cmaj7, G, Am7, D Intro and End G, Bm, Em, G, C, Cmaj7, G, Am7, D G Bm Em G When I first met the man I was down in Galilee C Cmaj7 G Am7 D Taking my rest 'neath the shade of a tree. G Bm Em G When Phillip came along and cried, “Nathanael, come and see. C Cmaj7 G Am7 D The one of whom the law and prophets speak.” G Bm Em G He knew who I was and even knew my name. C Cmaj7 G Am7 D He'd seen me underneath the tree before I even came. G Bm Em G He said, “Nathanael, you believe but you'll see greater things than these. C Cmaj7 G Am7 D Like angels flying up and down and all around me.” Em C G D Now I'm lookin' for a ladder that touches the sky. Chorus Bm Em Am7 D With a stone for my pillow, I'm dreaming I can fly. C G Am7 D I've got blessed assurance, and here's the reason why. C G Am7 D G I've got a promise from Jesus,.. ..And he doesn't lie. G, Bm, Em, G, C, Cmaj7, G, Am7, D G Bm Em G Some say fools rush in where angels fear to go. C G Am7 D And what's over our heads is better left alone. G Bm Em G I have to ask myself,..How would they know, C G Am7 D about things they've never seen or where they've never cared to go? Repeat Chorus and End
  6. Need Advice

    Hi Dave, I have read good things about the B1 but I am not looking to spend any more money on recording right now,..not in the budget. But if and when it would be #1 on my list. What I need to do right now is get the guitar sounding good and I don't plan on using any mic on that. Thanks for the feedback and good info. Bob
  7. Need Advice

    Hi John, I am using an old (very old) Shure 57. But it was not on the guitar on The Long Goodbye. I did separate tracks on that one. Just the pickup on the guitar. On Hard Dog I sang and played with mike and pickup both and it is worse as far as that resonance being more apparent. I also just noticed that the player on Myspace sound really crappy today. I will have to add reverbnation to my signature. http://www.reverbnation.com/robertmay?popup_render=%2Fcontroller%2Fartist%2Fadd_photo%2F1243327%3Ffrom_activate%3Dtrue Bob
  8. Need Advice

    I think you are correct about the natural resonance of the guitar. I tried lowering the pickup screws on certain strings the forth especially. Also I was sitting in front of my computer desk which it seems is also resonating. I think it is a bit better now, but not quite there yet. It is probably a combination of these things and I have always had this problem whether using mikes or pickups, tape or digital, and on different guitars. I thought it might be a well known type of problem with acoustic guitars. It is dreadnaught style which is pretty resonant anyway. Thanks for the tips. I will keep experimenting. Bob
  9. Need Advice

    I am having some trouble with recording my accoustic guitar. My basic recordings are not coming out as clean as I would like. Specifically, There is too much resonance on the lower and middle strings. It is too "boomy?" I have improved it somewhat on recent recordings because I am now using a Fishman Sixteen imaging pedal and a LR Baggs "body Sensitive" M1 magnetic pickup. It has samples of different accoustic guitars and I have been setting it on less resonant sounding guitars. This has helped somewhat. I don't know what I am looking for precisely. Just recording tips. I am looking to get good, clean first track of guitar so that I can add other tracks onto it. I am not satisfied with anything I've done so far and I'm going to re-do everything. Can I fix it with somehow with compression during recording or EQ afterwards? I've tried both after recording but cutting EQ at lower end makes the guitar sound too thin. I would appreciate anyone giving my latest 2 songs a listen and see what you think the main problem might be. The songs Hard Dog and The Long goodbye are recorded using my new pick up and sample pedal, and would and would give a good idea of where I am right now with my attempts. The two songs are on my homepage here or the link below. Thanks for any feedback. Bob
  10. Hard Dog

    Well here it is. Best I can do right now but you can get a feel for the song. http://www.myspace.c...rtmaysongwriter Bob
  11. Feedback / Critique?

    Hi Eunice, Nice song and a good idea for a song by the way. You have a beautiful voice. Very clear and precise. It definitely has a folksy feel to it. My one suggestion, and it is not a criticism at all, is that you replace the drum tracks with a bodhran (Irish hand drum). I think this song screams for that sound and would give it even more of a folksy feel. Bob
  12. What Software Do You Use?

    I bought an E-MU 404 stereo usb converter/pre amp so that I could use my old Sure 57 mic and go directly into the computer. I also plug my acoustic guitar pickup directly into it. And it is my sound card now. It came with free Sonar SE and some other programs which I don't use. I've upgraded the Sonar to version 8. Pretty simple, but that's all I need for what I do. I need to get more ram memory though because it crashed today and I lost what I was working on. I have to remember to save things before I start adding effects from now on. Bob
  13. Hard Dog

    I actually changed the last two lines there to: "I've heard the talk,.. that it's the heat that makes her act this way. Just tales that idle tongues repeat, I love her anyway." Kind of like small town gossip about his dog leaving him. lol. I usually make make changes for a week or so after writing a song. I just keep chipping away at little things that bother me. I wrote a song about a truck driver once comparing him to a modern day cowboy. About 10 or15 years later I became an over-the-road driver and ended up changing the entire chorus after having actually led the life of a driver for real. I appreciate the comments yonny. I will try and get something recorded soon. Bob
  14. Hard Dog

    Hi Johnny, Thank you for the listen. I really appreciate your critique. Your take on it surprises me though. The last line of the chorus gives you the hint he is talking about a dog or a woman. If it is a woman he is speaking about, it could be taken as offensive, I suppose. (though not to all women). The third line in the second verse "She had to pee, whenever she came near me.." Pretty much sets in stone that he is talking about a dog. With the next line: "Now when I come home the floor is dry" The whole tenor of the song has changed. The guy is crying because there's no pee on his floor. It's not a song about a guy who's girl has left him. It's a song about a country boy who is a little too close to his dog. Or to put it more precisely a man who sings about his dog as if it were his sweetheart. It's a joke! But if I thought someone would be offended by it it would be southern men, not women at all. But it is not a song about Southern men it is a song about one man that does not exist. Like a character in a movie. I write songs sometimes about people that don't exist and try and put myself emotionally into their shoes. Kind of like Polk Salad Annie, or Amos Moses. I have one about a two-headed tightrope walker named Richard and Roberto, another one about a boy (or grown man) that lives with his parents and stays in his room and imagines that he is a cowboy. The only "autobiographical" song I ever wrote was The Long Goodbye. That one I won't play for my family because it would bring painful memories to my sister who lost her son at an early age. One thing you hit on is the idea of what the general public would think. I probably don't give it much thought. Songwriting is a creative outlet for me like sculpting or woodwork. If I think it's done and good in my opinion, I put it away. Sorry for the long response, but your comment really threw me. Again I really appreciate that you took the time to give my song/lyrics some thought. Bob
  15. Hard Dog

    I just finished (relative term) a new song. I will try to get some tracks down later in the week, hopefully. It's a traditional Bluegrass/country type picking that I have been fooling around with for a few months and just came up with words the last two days. A few years back, several actually, a Senator from somwhere down south was talking about President Clinton's infidelity and used a phrase that cracked me up. He said that president Clinton was a "hard dog to keep on the porch." I used something similar for the "hook" in this song. (I'm sorry but the chords would not stay where I put them but all mashed over to the left margin.) Hard Dog G, C, G, Em, C, G, D Instr G, C, G, Am, *, C, D, G G C G She's always been the kind of girl to wander. Verse 1 Em C G D Exploring all her possibilities. G C G She saw the grass as greener over yonder. Em C D Yet never failed to come back home to me. Em C G D looking back, I must admit, I'd seen it in her eyes. Em C G D But here's the long and short of it,.. Free spirits need to fly. C D But she's been gone so long Chorus G Em that I'm afraid that I'm alone. C G D This old life can sometimes hit you hard. C D G Em sure as I was born I can't claim I wasn't warned,.. Am * C D G She's a hard dog to keep inside the yard. G, C, G, Em, C, G, D G, C, G, Am, *, C, D, G G C G I never gave her any cause to fear me. Verse 2 Em C G D now it gives me pause to wonder why G C G she had to pee whenever she came near me. Em C D But now when I come home the floor is dry. Em C G D Late at night it seems to me, that I still hear her voice. Em C G D Then comes the day's reality, She's gone and made her choice. C D She's been gone so long Chorus G Em That I'm afraid that I'm alone. C G D This old life can sometimes hit you hard. C D G Em As sure as I was born I can't claim I wasn't warned,.. Am * C D G She's a hard dog to keep inside the yard. G, C, G, Em, C, G, D Instr G, C, G, Am, *, C, D, G G C G My one prayer is if I never find her, Verse 3 / ending Em C G D If ever I can mend this broken heart. G C G That whoever does takes heed to this reminder,.. Am * C D Em She's a hard dog to keep inside the yard. Am * C D G She's a hard dog to keep inside the yard. G, C, G, Em, C, G, D Instr G, C, G, Am, *, C, D, G Bob