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  1. hey! thanks Tom, one more year and counting... ;D

  2. Happy Birthday Hari!!!!

  3. very nice!
  4. Hi you all!! you neeeeed to check this out, the funniest things I've seen in a long while: that one is the best!!!
  5. Teenage Wind - Frank Zappa In fact, Zappa wrote this tune as a reply to Christopher Cross: http://wiki.killuglyradio.com/wiki/Teen-age_Wind
  6. Blue Veins - The Raconteurs
  7. Bob Marley - Waiting in vain
  8. Marvin Gaye - My love is waiting
  9. Oh well, I'll let go uncle Frank for a while then... The year of the cat - Al Stewart
  10. Well, at the shop we charge an extra when guitars come in having a thick layer of human fluids and dirt... worst thing was when some "indie" guy came with cristalized blood all over the pickups/pickguard zone
  11. C'mon!! the right reply was "Frank Zappa - The Illinois Enema Bandit"
  12. Ride My Face To Chicago - Frank Zappa
  13. I remember reading about Captain Beefheart saying that you should never clean your guitar... and that everybody should use a hat.
  14. Run Home Slow - Frank Zappa
  15. Dupree's Paradise - Frank Zappa