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Alrite folks 


I've not actually been active on here to be honest I'd forgotten I'd joined


Anyway just a little about myself stating the obvious but I love music and the arts in general


I live in Scotland with my two boys 


I've worked in the music business for around 17 years but not as my main money maker 


Mostly in band management albeit I recently decided not to be as active, with the changing face of the industry, so now I just help out the bands and artists I've worked with over the years 


I still loosely manage the very first artist I ever managed  but these days we're more best friends than anything else


I play guitar and a little drums I love flamenco and gypsy rumba guitar and use some techniques in my acoustic and electric playing 


When it comes to writing I don't follow any particular formula and weird as it may seem I hate performing publicly my main decider with the pursuit of my songs is if I can't remember it two days later it's probably not worth remembering a quote from one of the Beatles I believe 


The majority if not all I write is based on personal experience let's just say I've been around I used to be in the royal navy and my father was in the army so I've been to most places around the globe 


I used to busk frequently and spent 2 years busking around Germany, France Belgium and Holland 


I'm not religious but certainly not anti religion I believe if people find strength in thier faith it can only be a good thing 


The only thing I try to always be is considerate to everyone and everything 


That is the main thing I taught to my boys always be considerate don't laugh or belittle anyone if they are different treat everything with respect and never stand idly by if others don't.


Anyway waffled enough glad to meet you all 




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nice quote... 

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Hi McKnib,


Nice introduction. Welcome to the site, glad you remembered you joined :) 


You better just jump in so you don't forget us .. haha


Have fun and all the best in your efforts!



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