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Free Introductory Voice Lesson In Boston, Ma!


Free Voice Lesson [Learn the TRUE Pop/Rock/R&B/Gospel/Jazz/Blues Vocal

Method!] (Boston)

Learn the TRUE Pop/Rock/R&B/Gospel/Jazz/Blues Vocal Method!



Already a current voice student? You can earn free lessons too! Bring or

send in a friend for a Free Introductory Voice Lesson and when your friend

completes their first 4 lessons you get a FREE LESSON!

Bristol Voice Studios - New England's top Artist Development Company, has

a 25 year history of helping artists acquire the skills and tools necessary

to achieve their goals in the music industry. We offer a unique and

extensive list of services and training programs in all areas of vocal

performance and recording which can't be found anywhere else! We do not

give false impressions on talent or ability. Bristol's proven track record

of success is based on creating a strategic individual plan and progress

chart to show you exactly where you are, and the exact steps needed to get

you where you want to go. The Bristol method of voice instruction is one of

the few programs in the world that teaches the Gospel/Pop/R&B/Rock Method

designed for all forms of popular singing. This method offers all the tools

used by today's top contemporary singers.

Our Team has developed artists for Sony, DefJam/Mercury, Warner and

Universal Records. Development clients include: vocal group JADA/Universal

Motown, The Dropkick Murphy's/Warner, Niaa/Yclef Records and many other

successful recording artists. Music production credits include

collaborations with many of the Industry's top writer/producers such as

Danja Handz, RedOne, Swizz Beatz, JR Rotem, Wyclef Jean, Rico Love, Toby

Gad, Sturken & Rogers, and The Insomniax. Bristol offers a unique and

extensive list of services and training programs in all areas of vocal

performance, artist and music career development and recording which can't

be found anywhere else. Our exceptional staff provides artists with the

essential skills to take them directly from standing on the sidelines to

performing in the spotlight. Our focus is to equip the artist with the

necessary tools to guarantee a lifelong career in the music industry.

We specialize in: voice training/performance/demo

recording/songwriting/record quality production/

image/photography/promotional materials and publicity/getting gigs/industry

networking/career advancement/ understanding the music industry/

management, and more.

To discover your own path to success, schedule a FREE Introductory Voice


Worcester area - Call Patrice Peris at: 774-275-0564

Boston area - Call Melissa at: 617-247-8689

Visit our website at: www.bristolstudios.com


Here's what our clients have to say about our voice program ~ “It wasn’t

until I came to Bristol that I heard the analogy ‘Why would you take tap

dancing from a ballet instructor?' And that seemed to hit the nail right on

the head. I’m a punk rock singer, but I had basically been going to people

who were trying to teach me classical music.”

“Now when I sing I’m able to visualize my voice and do everything that

I’m visualizing for the song, whereas before I didn’t really understand

what I was doing. I just kind of did it because that was the way I always

did it and I never really examined my singing until Ric Poulin broke it

down for me.”

“I think so many people out there are seeing vocal teachers who don’t

know what they’re talking about. And that’s the difference. If your vocal

coach is unable to get you out of the mud, then guess what dude, you’re

wasting your money. It’s as simple as that.” ~ A.B. (lead singer of

international/major label punk/rock band)

"Taking lessons with Ric was a great investment and it really helped me

maximize my potential as a pop singer! I used to strain to 'belt' out the

higher notes. I learned the correct technique during the first lesson. I

don't hurt myself anymore! My voice changed completely and became more

powerful after 3 lessons with Ric. It killed me in retrospect to think

about how much money I spent on lessons with the wrong teachers prior to

finding Bristol." ~ J.T. of JADA, Universal/Motown


WORCESTER AREA - 774-275-0564

BOSTON - 617-247-8689


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