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Silenced Root


retrace the vacuum condenced in your mouths grasp, to store new air filling lungs and ideas with care,

in which i dare to cast away to where the caves has its root, no shades to fall again, no lines - we

seed dispute. to fear capsuled in the peaces on the floor that is you - so we wind and we seek, truth be the

kinds from which spirits are shaped like minds seizing the pain of fear relying your most beheld spheres to what

the reer has stained, the silence crime's sirened in the floods that breeds evil like obsolete, incomplete fetus

bite the hand that feed us out wit mass consumputions, virus left us numb like rats in suited blunts when,

time begun when we start counting, and coining our fellow dreams to lie values in the scene of the right, centers

the third eyes sight yeah

so fight, cause there's so much to see when darkness is fused

to light up the bombs lasting echoes - in cries lies refuge,

we sought redemptions - instead we sentenced compromise.

recruit monsters in men, cloned souls lie in droves of ten, so now i fight this trend - this silenced root

Hit it like pain from painkillers - you overdosed your ignorance levitation complicating medicinal termed tense,

on the articulate refillers of life, replacing lungs with states of demise, and the heart by christ, instead of breathing

the aspiring life thru the invites of my, blood runnings like ideas which blaze up like winds of spirits empires,

So this is empirical, not rooted in any funeral fetish of truth sought out by breathing lies, their weeds they deprive

by teaching the insight in labours goodwill, but this is the filling of crime, outpouring essense of minds, and your

lessons type vague, life plannings are fake, so please stay awake for these words to shake paradigms; enslaved is to

murder, is to governents deferred ya, so its to property called liberty well set me free from boundaries of posessions

that is tyranny no blessing word write just to me, to you, to who the big brothers rule their game to condemn the sane

to thoughts we reject it by names of cruel, but still the ignorance is tame, and property is theft of shame,

I left thru drains, guessed through the veins that set my state by villains hate, so hearts beating bloods - they thrill

the same unshield true saints, we wield our shades to guilt sustained

- can you explain? Explore your mind, evoke the right, sync oath in time right? truth comes incarnated

machine bourne agony money flood times are me - i am inflated,

so flowing will be to skills seas of quill, ease to thrill so hand me your sympathy and i show the Liberty! quiver me!


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