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You Are Good, Padre



There is a man's man of a padre around here restoring a church. This isn't tax money or something which has beautified the churches but common folk sacrificing. The love chile's of the 60's and 70's tore down altars, threw out the gold, tho this one was spared her altar.

Such people hate art, color, and the feminine of a really good church which is warm w/ candlelight, rich tapestry, everything finest in nature: gold, marble, stone, stained glass.

If thugs came into your home, flinging the 8-track, PC, amp and mics out the window, offering the acoustic J harp and tin-can phone in return, what would you do? And then if they sold your stuff or just smashed it?

So the good padre is bringing in the marble and so on. Limping around the sanctuary recovering from his motorcycle accident. And a scholar to boot, no fluffy discourse. He is soon going to offer daily Latin Mass: no sermon, no music, blessed silence.

No b.s. "Indult" can-I-have-some-permission-to-breathe.

I'm so very happy, that I practiced guitar twice today


Longed to read music in the morn. Thumbed thru the Music Theory Book, there are always examples (chose Bach). String quartet exerpt and something else.

Then I thought of triads backwards while playing them. Soon it'll be easier to think that way.

Picked out To Be Over by Yes. So calming to learn something right there from memory. The melody is on high E string, sometimes at about the 17th fret. It's on the Relayer album.

PS: Computer access in my near future will be limited.


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I love Churches. Of any kind, Big, small, Cathedrals to ancient ruins! I have had the most happy occasions to work in some wonderful places of worship in my time. I have been in a Church with nobody else around, on a few occasions, and I find the calming solitude to be one of the most peaceful and restful of experiences. Strange you might think! For a non believer! I wish your Padre the very best of luck! I hope he continues to restore this Church to it's former glory!

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