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Do As I Say, Not As I Do.


How does one start the day with the plan and intention of going to a belly dance class and end up doing a 90 minute Israeli Folk dance class, in a totally different suburb as WELL, with a person you’ve only spoken to twice for about ten minutes in total?

I have to wonder about myself sometimes.

After belly dance class, which was once again inspiring and refreshing both mentally and physically, I was invited by this woman – a stranger really (can’t even remember her name?) to go with her, on the train to Lawson to another dance class she attends on a Thursday.

So, naturally I said “Yes, why not!â€

I don’t even know this woman, and usually I am not so trusting. (Wondering why all of a sudden I’m being so impulsive.) I did have a few moments on the train where I thought this is SO not what I’d tell my kids to do….just go off blindly with strangers to places you’ve never been before.

She seems to want to befriend me. Well, ok then. We will see where it goes.

The Folk dancing was amusing yet strangely entertaining and a bit ritualistic. All the focus is on the feet – nothing on the hips and upper body. I don’t even know how to waltz! It was tricky and a bit of a brain strain trying to memorize steps but I didn’t for one second feel “judgedâ€.

Ok, so I felt a little scrutinized by one rather large butch dyke type of woman there. (I’m sure she’s a lesbian)

The rest of the ladies were significantly older than me, but hey, who cares . Fun is fun and it WAS fun.

When I got back to my suburb and bid farewell to my new (nameless – it'll come to me later) friend, I then did another impulsive thing and went to see a Naturopath.

I’m SO over doctors! Been tested for everything under the sun for the past twelve months and every result is ‘normalâ€. Naturally they think I’m just a hysterical “womanâ€. I’m NOT. Something is out of balance and my body is virtually SCREAMING at me trying to tell me this!

Lovely woman this naturopath. She looked at the WHOLE picture – for once, and told me what I suspected all along. It’s more than likely - hormones. Basically told me to ignore the test results as they are just a standardized test and really don’t tell you much – just as I suspected. So, we’ll try the herbal route first. What have I got to lose?

So….another strange Thursday (is a pattern developing here?)


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