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Thoughts: Time



Relative, Biologic?

What is time?

Can you sense it? Can you feel it shift between the sporadic and constant?

Does it even really exist? Or is it just some innate phenonmenon humanity has fabricated to comfort themselves into believing there's always more.... time.

But there really isn't more time for us, is there? Atleast in the perspective of those of us in physical form, that is.

We're so fast-paced these days. Constant moving and chatter, consumed by electronics and virtual realities that somehow convince us that we are actually connecting with others. But it seems to me, that no one actually talks to one another anymore. Face-to-face. There is no slowing down in this world for us, because we're always rushing to get to the bright light at the end of the tunnel way before it even appears. It's only an idea. And idea that consumes humanity so much that we lose the roots that hold us down to reality, and thus lose ourselves in the process. We want to be beautiful, accepted, loved, happy. But what are these things, truly? Do others define how they apply to us individually? Or is it society that morphs and alters our perception of the world so that we are convinced of our place in it. It's very self-limiting if you ask me. "The self-fulfilling prophecy", to be exact.

From another perspective, it's also self-limiting to assume that there's always more time. In reality, we really don't have much of it. This life we have is a short one, some shorter than others. Instead of rushing to the next chapter in our lives, I think it's important to sit back, reflect, and take your TIME, no matter how little it may be. Don't rush to be 13 because you want to be a preteen/teenager. Don't rush the be 18 so you can buy cigarettes and go to clubs. Don't rush to be 21 so you can drink. Don't rush to decide what you should be doing with your life by whatever age you think it should occur. Take it one day at a TIME. Instead of worrying about what'll happen tomorrow, STOP... and enjoy what you have TODAY. Deal with tomorrow, TOMORROW. All this worrying we have, can all cease if we stop reflecting upon the past that we can't revisit or change, and the future that we will never really know. SLOW DOWN. Embrace what you have RIGHT NOW. In this moment. It's a simple concept, but it's one of the hardest things to ever overcome because we're moving so damn fast.

I mentioned in a message to someone about the common sense of love, whether it be in a romantic relationship or otherwise. Love seems to be a large topic in this society. And we all crave it, whether we want to believe it or not. And that's not a bad thing. To me, love isn't about constant bickering about little things, when it can so simply be overlooked because you love one another more than any hurdle that comes towards you. In my mind, in any relationship, this is what is common sense to me (I'll quote myself):

"....instead of bickering lovers who give up or was consumed by so much anger over things that should never seperate two people in love. There are far worse things that you could do to eachother that could be the end of your relationship. Not these tid bits of uncomfortability. I don't think that's what love is. And if it is something that makes you uncomfortable, then I think you should talk about it like two people who love eachother enough to listen and compromise. Things that may be common sense to you, are things that I'm still learning and was willing to learn because I love you. It's not that we think so differently, it's that my mind is focused on the bigger picturef that applies to common sense. Love eachother wholly, listen to one another, Do not lie in any form, do not cheat, do not insult, do not overlook the other and their feelings, comfort one another, protect one another, fight with everything you have to keep one another, learn from one another, Always show respect. Even if times get rough, do what you have to do to calm down, and approach it differently. Never try to listen or talk to eachother with an angry heart, a jealous heart... but an infinitely loving one. All this and more, is common sense to me even though I've never --really-- been in a relationship romantically with anyone. I think it applies to any and everyone you hold dear to your heart." --end quote

This is how I choose to believe whether pertaining to love or otherwise. I choose to not hate anyone, which may be hard at times, but I'm only human. Instead I strive everyday to forgive others. Though I've come to the understanding that I need to also forgive myself. I've spent so much wasted TIME in my life beating myself up, feeling unworthy, and defeated. I haven't been very fair to me. I need to treat myself better. And that may mean being a little selfish and taking the TIME out to consider myself and who I want to be. I'm still learning about this life, but as long as your alive, you will always be learning until you TIME has run out. Atleast, in physical form. Who knows what we may learn after we've left this world. But why spend so much time wondering on what will happen when your time is up.. "Will I go to hell?, Will I be forgiven? Can I still be saved? (etc)". Instead focus on the here and now and deal what that other stuff when you get there. Do not fear death, for death is inevitable. It's varifiable fact, that you can die at ANY moment, young or old. But don't be consumed by it, don't dwell. For if you do, as I have, you will lose your mind and thus lose all the opportunities of living a fullfilling life. And life, by the way, is NOT about becoming rich and "Getting that doe", I find the notion perposterious. It will not make you happy but if that's the life you want, then you work hard to get where you want to be not because it's seemingly the best way to live. And also. Life is NOT about getting f*ckED UP all the time, every weekend. It's wasteful.

Don't spend your TIME fearing the world, death and the endless possibilities of things to go wrong that you lock yourself away and never experience to good and wonderful things of this world, even if it doesn't seem to appear that it even exists. But also, don't conform to the carelessness of young people these days, and even those that are older, that would make this short time here an even shorter one. Too many have lost their lives here because of carelessness and that includes carelessness or better put and lack of caring towards the self.

I honestly believe that if we follow the path of infinite love and the words and teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. even Deepak Chopra, The Divine, God. Goddess(s) Whatever being you believe in or whatever motivation you have that keeps you grounded. Whether that is meditation, reading, music, or science. Whatever inspires you to live as much as you can with however long you have left on this earth. For however much TIME you have. I'm still learning this, and I screw up just as much as everyone.. for instance..... my most recent DWI. It was a stupid careless decision I used to cope with my emotion(s). It was dangerous, and reckless. But I'm learning to forgive myself and take responsibility and from that I'm doing what I need to do to redeem myself. It'll be a long process, but I will take my time... step by step. That may mean starting from step 1 all over again, but that's ok. You screw up, you accept it, and fix it.. because you're grown now. One of the main reasons I brought this topic up is because I realize that I've been rushing things, trying to so hard to figure out my life and what I want to do with it that I lost focus on the here and now. As far as I'm concerned, I went from 19 to 22. There's a huge gap in there that I just can't seem to recall anymore. And that makes me sad. So I'm slowing down now. Taking my time. I'll distract from negative thinking. I will write music, and sing, and read, and learn languages, put a blanket outside on the grass as I used to and look into the sky and it's infinite beauty and wonder. I will remain as curious as I was when I was a child. I will listen to others as much as I always have, but I will also express myself. I will not resort to cutting or drinking away my pains, or attempting suicide again, or suicidal ideation in general because that's wasteful of MY time here on this earth. So yeah, that's all I wanted to say. Just what was on my mind. I hope it resonates with whoever so chooses to take the TIME to read this lol

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so completely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion" --Albert Camus

I love you all. Live freely and love infinitely.





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