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Setting up my studio


This year I've promised to release my 2nd album and since I do all the mixing/mastering down the basement I have to do something about the acoustic environment1f61c.png. I just wanted to share the work progress with you. Feel free to share your thoughts about it!!


I've started in the front by building 2 decent bass traps that work really well to absorb a wide range of frequencies according to the LE/DE principals. I know, the fabric could be nicer but that's what I had1f923.png Noted: Never fill the traps with too much mineral wool when you do these types of bass traps.

IMG_20171227_191053_resized_20180103_010232018 copy.jpg

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Awesome! Your studio must be sounding great by now. I'll probably have to do my own acoustic treatment in the near future, for recording acoustic guitar.


Where did you learn how to make them?



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Hi Ken!


Yes, I'm getting closer now, it's a bit tricky in that small space  I've got for my studio but you have to do the best of your situation:)


I studied to become a sound designer a couple of years ago and then we learned a lot about these things. After that, I've been educating musicians in college and one of the classes were acoustic treatments... I've found the best way to learn something is to teach others!

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@Dr KeyBaG    


Totally agree. Anything to get that crystal clear, sound!

Sound design, seems like a lot of fun. The sounds in animation, CGI and video games are quite incredible.



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