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A Most Wonder-filled Walk. 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️


The other day, I went for a walk after being shut in for the winter season. 🌥  It was a fairly warm day for what we’ve been having.  It wasn’t one of those days where all was beautifully new and lovely to behold. 🤧


I decided rather than let my mind wander on this walk or going for a power walk, this walk was going to be a sensory walk.👟🚶🏼‍♀️


If you’re like me and you find the demands in your life can at times feel overwhelming or you only have a bit of time to take out of the day for yourself, you can do something of a walk regardless of if only ten or twenty minutes.  ⌚️⏱My walk was quite short.   If you schedule in some time for writing after, even better.📝📓✏️. It will put your senses into word visuals.


Try taking walks in varying weather ☀️🌧💦🌬 and different times of day 🌝🌔🌓🌒🌚 and in different places for the best array of sensory experiences.  


Take note of where you are, who you encounter or animals/insects you observe 🐿🐜🕷🐊 and what they’re doing, what you see,👀 what you feel, experience, what you hear👂🏻, how it sounds, how If feels, how it smells👃🏼, it’s features.


When you get home, brainstorm on paper ✍🏼everything you took note of.  This isn’t a time to be a self-critic🔨✂️.  Just get it down quickly.  Everything you can remember—before you forget.  


Unfortunately for me, my working/short-term memory isn’t the best⏳, but thankfully my visual and experiential memory are the best means for me to retain information if I’m going to.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Just do your best.🧢


After you’re finished with the brainstorm, go back and add detail.  If you use colors, don’t just say, “blue”, say what color blue.  👖❄️💧🌊

If you felt cold, write what it was that felt cold or made you feel cold—the wind, the air, your skin?.  💨☔️🌪


How did your body respond to the cold?  Did you shiver?  Did you pull your jacket tight? 🧣🧤😨. If you saw a wheat field, what did the wheat look like, was it green, brown, gold or gray?  Was it heavy with grain or just in bud? 🌾🌱🌅 Was it cut or blowing in the breeze, all in the same direction or swirling?  What else was in the wheat field?  


How about the roadside?  What flowers were there? Rocks, sand, pebbles, grass, ditches, puddles?  🍂🌷🌿🍄


If you were to take a walk in the ☔️ 💦🚶🏽‍♂️, there are so many visually and sensory things going on as you walk down the street, even the time of day and season will have different experiences.  


Being in a space aware of your senses contains the experiences that can be translated into concrete illustrations for your lyrics.  If you do music, 🎸🎼🎹🎻🎺maybe it will leave you with a feeling that you can express through your music.  🎤


The exercise itself may just hep you on your way to noticing things and people around you, the qualities and characteristics that add detail and emotion to your songs.🎼🎼🎼


If nothing else, you may open the gates of creativity or release some tension, memories or fill your mind with ideas.  The most basic benefit may be that you have a moment alone grounding yourself.


Try it.  See what it does for you!


Here is my brainstorm unedited.


snow soaked gravel road

footsteps poised and slow

puddles so large I have to go around

slim ice smashed up and floating bits

oak leaves tips poking near the surface

mud brown puddles reflecting the skies

crusted muddy snow



cars humming growing stronger as they get nearer

motors trolling louder when they go by

until trailing off into the distance I can only hear

the road meeting the tires


trickling water echoing under the iron grates

cigarette butts smashed into the sidewalk

cracked pavement

matted brown-gold grass mixed in mud

brown splashed snow

boot prints, dog paw prints smooshed

into the soft ground

yellow fire hydrant with an orange flag

and a little pile of something that matches the mud


birds chittering

my shadow angled to the right as I head away South

tires of a bicycle spitting up damp of the road coming up behind me

shallow pools of water in the parking lot of the convenience store

tire tracks mark the puddles in which they were parked

the imprint fading away as they go

Bold neon blue Bud Light bar light in the window

bells hitting the glass door signal exiting patrons


Turn around

the air cool on my hands, the skin on my

knuckles crinkle

the sun warms my chest and pleasant on my face

the gravel beneath my feet crackles

the iron grate is silent

I hear the soothing tune of a woodwind

coming from within a building I walk by

children must be taking a nap

walking down my driveway

I see the reflection of the clouds and my mis-shapen form

reflected in the black body of the Envoy

My feet are dry

I close the door

kick off my shoes

slippers are soft and warm

I hear the clock ticking over the stove

two cats purring in the window sun.

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I don't have a great memory anymore, either.  However, visuals stay with me better than some other avenues, so I was able to retain until I got home, but writing what I saw was the first and most immediate thing I did when I walked into the door of my house from my walk.  It helped to mentally re-walk the very familiar route to and from in my mind over again seeing what I saw as I reached the particular area where I saw the visuals and writing it down before moving forward again on in my mental re-walk.  Walking with the notebook is a very good idea, but I chose not to because for that particular walk, I needed to take in and absorb the scenery, the moment and BE as much if not more than getting the visual ideas to write down.  Sometimes when life gets crazy, I just need to get grounded in my surroundings and NOTICE what is around, just be and take in.  It helps me to let go of the craziness, at least for a little while.  I need it!  Songwriting has been good for me for the same reason.  It helps me to take note of emotions, reality, people and moments, something that my very being NEEDS while my life often feels like a whirlwind.

I have, at other times in my life, written with extreme care, trying to reach a sort of standard that my studies of lyric writing have suggested, but for this time in my life, it seems that I am writing because it ministers to me.  For the time being, my songs are written to get my ideas on paper.  Perfecting them, I think will come at a time in my life when it slows down a bit (summer hopefully!) I think its good to have a creative sitting at a different time than when you have the tweaking sitting.  I think it must use different parts of the brain.  Kind of like not wanting to stop the creative flow by doing the tweaks in the same sitting.

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