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Holding On To Not Much Left.


This Ones More Of A Poem, No Chorus Has Been Added Yet.

The war's began and my daddy left me

Told me to hold on to what's not a mystery

Confusing at first but it took a tragedie

To realise in this world there's much more to see

Then every damn disaster we wrote in history

Every secret of the world once held in a book

Printed in blood with our heads messed like what the f*ck

Inside quotes of disaster for your eyes only

Creates a new perspective from the young and lonely

Broadcast showed us dying yesterday

Radio told us just where they lay

Filling buckets of tears to a families dismay

As they think of the field where their families decay

Deaths a common factor in todays society

Power from the predators make them feel mighty

The earths made its flea's all fighty

f*ck this its making the people feel bitey

This aint really helping anyone at all

Never before have the police had so many a call

Another bombs hit the shopping mall

Innocent dying, Innocent crying, Innocent are taking the fall

For things they never done or ever seen at all

I'm finding this all too much to handle

Every street has a dealer and a vandal

This world truely has to much drama

Just look whats happened to the people in bllama

So poor but they could'nt find themselves calmer

Mabey we need to take a leaf from their tree

So tragic but in a world like this we're too blind to see

Some of the poor cant even afford their lives

Never heard of forks or knives

We dont even take a risk to help and dive

Take our's for granted and dont even try to survive

I'm sure i'm sick of a world without peace

This worlds not worth it and I'd hope it might cease.


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