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Phew....now Waiting For Admition Call


phew finally my archi. exam is over....it was really tiresome day....sitting constantly for 2 hrs and draw something meaningless....i thought they might would ask something live scatching or object drawing....but they didn't ask anything like that....they just had given one picture and what we had to do was to draw it again on the paper scaled doubled....huh...what the hell is difficult in that....and second part was memory drawing....and i was asked to draw a street juggler.....and i managed well....

then it was aptitude test....which was difficult but not so difficult as it seemed for others....coz in grade 8, 9 and 10th i had taken technicle subjects...in that we study what engg. students learn in their first year....and in that aptitude test they asked for plan, elevation, end view, surface developement and some questions related to interiour designing....but they were easy....but english vocab. part proved nightmare for me....i lost mostly my marks in that section....i know its a shame for a songwriter....so finally i was the first one to finish exam and to go out....all teachers were astonished for my speed...:P....but those plan, elevation stuff is much easy for me....i just can tell in a blink...so i solved all those questions in 1 min....:D....

so far it had been tiresome day so i simply fell off to the bed when i came home....one of friend in our group is persuing for IIT {Indian Institue of Tech.} and the enterence exam for it is the most difficult in whole india....although he cracked this year but his rank was above 7000 and that is not enough rank to go for his favourable line, mechanicle....so he is going to take it again and for preparations he is going outstate....so we had farewell party for him.....and after that we had some puffs of hukka.....we almost enjoyed smoking for almost 2 hrs...till the shop keeper told us to leave...:P....FYI-Hukka is a traditional Indian smoking machine{not exactly machine...but like that...i donno how to explain}....and after that we all had gather at friends home played cricket for till 2 AM...every one's hungry...but no restuarant would be opened this late....no probs....we went to city hospital where shops are opened for 24 hrs {obviously unofficially}....so we went there with screaming....and we enjoyed cup of tea with some cheese, and jam and butter with buns....while eating police raided....every one ran off into the hopitals....but those who got caught had to face alcohole test {in our state alcohol is prohibited:P}...but soon the police left from there and evrything started as it was 30 mins ago....

hey i just updated my myspace profile....although i had been member since long but i was not using it....but recently i suddenly found an old friend of mine at myspcae....he moved to US in 4th grade....and since then there was no news of him....although his granpa met my dad in bank where he works....but rather then there was no news of him....and suddenly i found him over myspce i was so happy to see him....he is so much changed...firstly i couldn't recognize him....but he had sent some letters from his school...so i recognized him by his school name some other profile info....but i am very happy to see him...we used to be best friends...

it has been many days since i have written any song....which is another shame for me....i have some 3 songs roughly ready but in vacation i have become so lazy....all it needs some editing but i don't do it...all i do is SONGSTUFFING, watching TV, sleeping and playing football....but yeah i am thinking to join gym and swimming class from tomorrow....but lts see my laziness alow me to do so...:D...

currently i am listening to A7X....and they are f*cking amazing...i really love their guitar solos in the songs....


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Guest smueske


yeah, my space is really cool for finding old friends. I had a friend contact me that I haven't heard from in twenty years. He's playing in one of the biggest metal bands in Singapore now, married and divorced, two kids. Strange world.

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