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Get Well Soon....lol


damn, monday while i was back from work at around 10:10 pm....i was feeling cold...and when i checked it was 101* F...lol...the next morning i was feeling good...but still inside was the fever...and i ignored and i call up my friend at home...and we watched almost two movies back to back...and that lead me from bad to worse {not worst coz yet to come}...and suddenly at around 4 pm i started shivering...so i slept...but when i woke up...it was more worse {still not worst}...and the same went on for more 2 days...but i was yesterday i was all good till 2 pm and i thought "phew, its over" and i slept...but when i woke up i was shivering like hell...and i was wearing almost 5 blankets and still my body didnt stop shivering...it went for almost 2 hours...all my muscles were paining due to constant shivering...then mom called a pathologist...that guy came home and took my blood...and later in the evening report came and it said i got malaria...uncomfortable.gif

so mom went to out doc for medicine...but as a matter of fact...when she was back my fever had gone...although i had headache...but i had no fever...lol...so i watched TV for sometime...and suddenly...i puked...all that i ate way back in the morning came out as it was...lol...then i had series of womits for some time...and finally everything came out i felt like nothing had happened to me...! so i watched a movie till late...and today i am feeling quite better...but still right now i am having headache....and even doc has said that i have to be very carefull for atleast a week...!


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