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Scott's studio I took to immediately. It's a room within a room...it felt right in there.Todd's electronic kit was among the (very nice) gear. I have a hunch I will be playing that kit again.

Dan of course was there.

We began w/ me playing the Seagull to the click (after we set the tempo). Then we turned

off the lights when I did vocals, til I got comfortable. Jeff F. I'd asked to be there, I thought

a video document of things would be nice. He did the O'Gara's footage.

Soon we had all three vocal lines - first time listening to me in 3-pt harmony via really good gear,

on something I'd written. I'd heard in it in my head long time, but never on a good recording

(unless I'm not remembering something Loo and I did previously). I LOVE Three Dog Night

and all I can say is I'm not disappointed at all and that 3-pt is worth the wait.

In about 2 1/2 hours we had this nice scratch (which Dan says is more than a scratch). I'm

shocked it's all me. Those guys were so nice, 3 really experienced good guitarists and I'm

the one doing the guitar! Jeff F. was fiddling w/ the acoustic and man did he sound good. The

cat from time to time plays his saxaphone about midnight, out on the golf course.

Dan seemed even more horrified than last time about not getting in the song's way. And he

cautioned me from doing the same. I need time and distance to know what I think of the recording

thus far.

But I'm seriously thinking about posting it, as we go along, just for whoever might want to follow it.

Maybe that would be a good way for me to follow it, just enough of a remove, being thru computer

speakers from a music server site.

I show up expecting to drum - I haven't played guitar in weeks. I thought they'd be playing it.

Ulp. Then Dan and Jeff said my style of playing reminded them kinda Neil Young. (My style? I

didn't know I had one). I said Dan what about you playing on it (today) he said you've got the feel

of it, Donna, you are the one to play this thing.

OK what am I learning time after time, in these music situations esp the past year, from

rehearsal w/ Mischke, recording w/ Jared, O'Gara's, the Latin Mass Choir, solo cameo and today?

That it'll be OK. I never feel prepared, even when I have time to prepare. I gotta let that


The other thing I learned [today] was all the time I've spent recording w/ my 4-track,

and before that with two casette players just in the air, has been THE best education and

preparation. For everything. Doing just that has helped for every type of situation as listed

above. So I'm really glad I follow my intuition and tangents.

Squeal!!! Gotta little recording done too-day.......... :cocktail:

PS: here's a link to something Jeff F. sent me. It's beautiful music and I was amazed at how calming. The

very colorful art Jeff does via digital something or other:


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