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A Youtube Mother's Day Present


-originally posted May-something or other '09 doh Mother's Day

Go down to the end for the newest youtube if ya don't wanto read all this first :)

OK, this Mother's Day is so far v. nice...here's a secret tho that every

Mother's Day the mom usually has extra mom's duties. Normally I have

some crisis, children sick and so on. An extra edge to get thyself in M's Day

finery w/ all the drudge going on. So some yelling in the morn! (When I

must yell, or call to the children, I use it as a vocal exercize...don't know

how to explain this...but in my experience, there is a way to yell or call out

which can actually be a vocal warm-up or workout).

Anyway, the 1st communicants were at Mass and somehow I really settled

and relaxed, Genevieve was in my lap long time, holding that child listening to

her breathe, listening to the girls' choir, listening to me breathe deeply...

Gen is 7 and had made me a stack of waffles (fork stuck straight up in the middle

of 'em), place set perfectly w/ napkin, a drink, and a card, with its dandelion atop...

After Mass, Dylan, Kayla and K's mom Liz came back here for a bit.

We will go on, all of the children save L. who's sick :(to G'ma and G'pa's restaurant

dinner, and a grand welcoming home. I've a gorgeous, huge basket of flowers for

mom (and I bought her two cards, cause I liked them both so much).

Last year we were on the run in exile...and that was blessed, too.

But this...John Joseph's memorial

garden is THE most gorgeous tulip tribute, it's just what I wanted. And the gifts the

children made!! Hey, I've had children in school now about 15 years, and the last

few, these teachers are being renewed in the gifts they have the children make. Mary

made me a tile...decorated w/ me as a little red cat-creature, her in flight in a purple

dress, banishing this bad guy (a fat rock) who was trying to hurt me. Gen said the

rock was "Trying to crush me".

Mary's a great superhero. Like Melanie, her pictures jump off the page.

Dylan's presents are now grown up...cool stick-like scent vase-thing, fine (dark!) chocolates...

Jeff F's Youtube Mother's Day present to me

Jeff F. left a message bright and early this morn...he'd put up Angel From Montgomery,

from the O'Gara's gig. I cared more about hearing that than my own tune, and Angel was lost,

no one seemed to have the audio much less footage.

Take it for what it is...sound's not so hot. First time I saw it (I got the 1st view on youtube yay!)

I thought it was disjointed. 2nd time I went, "Oh dear Lord, this is GREAT!"

Another spontaneous deal, and you need to sometimes view or listen more than once

to catch the bits. We'd just done a song where Mischke went into the audience, singing

and dancing. He comes back up to the stage (after threatening Joey Beier w/ the axe)

and says, "boy guys, am I tied...I gotta get in shape.." So the intro has him out of breath

and the little conversation which followed.

I am very happy at Loo's and mine harmonies being dead on...and most of my ad libs.

This was another tune barely rehearsed. One of the best moments was near the end

while Mischke and I were each totally lost in the moment, me echoing his vocal lines,

and this woman appears on stage, dancing come-hither, and Mischke I don't think even

saw her. I didn't. I remember that.

And she had wings on, too, this woman! Little angel's wings...

Anyway....Donna's Angel From Montgomery


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