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last friday, i was with my friends at out regular meet place..me and other friend had arrived, we were waiting for others to come..as usual i bought a smoke and started withering away my lungs ! and a rickshaw driver was by side..

he was poor, but he made me feel poorer !

he : why you smoke ?

me : its a stress remover

he : have you seen the stress ?

me : its a feeling, its up right in here ! *me pointing my head*

he : no, you are wrong.

he : and even if its so, there are other ways to relieve stress !

me : *speechless*avoiding eye contact*still smoke in my hand*

he : u seem a student..eh ?

me : yep

he : 18 ?

me : :o yea

he : why wasting life/money ?

me : *looks down*

it really felt like if the road would swollow me, i'd let it ! :(

he : leave it..

me : i m trying..soon i'll

he : it doesnt work like that..if you want to go there *points out a place* and u don't wanna go by walking, neither lift, nor an airplane..the place is not gonna come to you..its YOU, who have to go for it..

he : anyway, its your life, your wish, i cant force you to do something..does your parents know about it ?

me : *nods*

he : have you ever think of them..what would happen to 'em ?

The smoke was still in my hand..and i sat aside with friend..but i couldnt take a drag inside..something was pinching deep inside ! i threw it away..and break the rest !

meantime a begger came..and that rick driver had bought tea and he offered it to begger ! :( and i keep looking at him ! how big heart he has !

despite working whole day, gathering every single penny, he gave it away to the begger. that tea was his dinner and yet he gave away. the begger denied to take it..he gave away few coins thn ! and i really felt like crying

though he didnt had money but he had rich heart..he was even richer then bill gates or any rich person..he simply got away shaking his hands with me and telling me nice to meet you ! :(

he was gone, but i did note his number plate ! although i dont know his name and meeting him again in life is almost null..but i'd always remember such great person !

confession :i m one of those morons, dickhead *every possible abuse* who is useless, coz the spirit lasted for 2 days only..y-day again i had smoke in my mouth. YOU can SLAP me if you want..i desrve it ! despite warned 1000 of times by friends, girlfriend {she thinks i have left though :( } and people..i m still the same..whats the difference between me and the dog, whos tail would never be stright ! pity me


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